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Ps. Cyanescens + Lemon Tek

(thumbs down)

Well I have to say I'm not a big fan of the lemon tek, at least not with Ps. cyanescens or other woodlovers of that caliber.

I didn't weigh anything out, just ate from my stash found during the fall, but it was probably somewhere from 3.5-5.0g's maybe?
The come up was just too intense, I've had some experience with gastro-intestinal discomfort while consuming these and it seems that the lemon tek method makes it worse.

I tripped for about 5 hours with visuals, but after that there was a long period of just being high with very little visuals. The effects on thought processes lasted MUCH longer than any hallucinations.

I'd recommend only doing a small amount lemon tekked to start with and eating a larger amount normally, or just eating them normally with this species.

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