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Best Halloween Ever

7 grams of dried psilocybin = loss of reality

This year for Halloween, two friends and myself decided to do
mushrooms on Halloween, which turned out to probably be the best idea
we'd ever had. I was so excited all day at work that time flew by, and
before I knew it was 5:00 pm, and time to start the adventure of a

My friend has the entire basement of his house to himself, which was
great since we could leave anytime we wanted. We we're all very
experianced shroomers, this being my sixth time, so we decided to do
the most we'd done yet: 7 grams of dried mushrooms each, mostly caps.
We decided to smoke some weed before we took them, so we wouldn't care
about the taste since we'd have the munchies and be hungry anyways
hahaha. We decided to take half then, half later and almost
immediately after taking the shrooms we decided to walk to our local
chill out spot, a nearby elementry school.

When we got there we just sat around for a bit and listened to
"Truenorth" by No-Man, a super chill 13 minute long song I always
listen to on shrooms. I had brought some colourful fireworks, mostly
dancing devils to mess around with and we lit off a few. We were
starting to feel it, since the colours were magnified and sound got
more and more intense.

My friends each lit up a cigarrette (I don't smoke cigarrettes) and we
started to walk around. By now we were really feeling it. Suddenly, I
got the biggest scare of my life: A security guard walked up with a
flashlight and told us very strictly no smoking or using fireworks at
the school. One of my friends, apparently forgetting we were all
holding and on shrooms proceeded to tell him we were only smoking
cigarrettes and not weed. He eventually walked on. I told my friend
that he had just talked to a security guard since he had no clue what
he'd just done.

We started to walk back to my friends place and on the way it really
hit us. I personally find trees and plants to be by far the trippiest
things to look at whilst shrooming, and this time was no exception. It
was dark and foggy and the streets looked like something out of a
fairy tail like with crooked trees and dim lamp posts. We saw two
absolutely terrifing looking people in black robes and that's when we
remembered: it was Halloween.

All the houses were decorated with creepy stuff and the streets were
filled with dozens of people dressed in costume. You might think it
would be scary, but on the contrary I felt quite welcome. When we were
nearly home, I hallucinated this kid's family that I know that lives
across the street from the house we were staying at. I turned my head
because I didn't want to see any people I knew but when I looked back,
no one was there.

We stepped into the basement and the walls were all swirling with
moving patterns. With much difficulty I ate the remaining shrooms and
smoked some more weed. It hit me right away and I realized this was
more then triple the hardest I'd ever tripped on shrooms. We
consecutively decided to embark on our main quest, the one we'd
planned the entire night with: A trip to Queen Elizabeth park.

For those who don't know Vancouver's Queen E. park, nicknamed little
mountain, it's essentielly a really really big hill with lots of
trees, ponds, plants, and a public garden at the top. Very trippy stuff.

When we left I realised I had forgotten my iPod but I didn't even
care, I was in bliss. We saw and heard some fireworks which were
spectacular on the way there. After what seemed like hours of walking,
but was probably only about 30 minutes, we arrived a a gigantic field
next to a massive curling arena that was recently built for the 2010
olympics. This was my favorite part of the entire trip by far. It was
surreal. The floodlights cast an erie glow on everything and the field
looked like it went on for miles. We were standing right in the
middle of the field and the view was incredible. On our right was
totallly open with a bunch of people lighting fireworks at the edge.
To our left was this state of the art arena with massive floodlights
gleaming down at us. Behind us was all uphill with dozens of houses
that looked very similar, and before us was probably the best view of

A winding path through sparse trees and little hills led to an
extremely busy street and just past the street was Queen E. park. I'd
been there a hundred times before but I had absolutely no clue what
was standing before me.

The trees all seemed alive and were layer with a thick fog spanning
all the way to the top of little mountain. There was a road going all
the up but no cars were on it. We all knew we had to get to the top at
all costs. The only thing stopping us was the busy road. Now crossing
roads is easy when sober but it's an intense challenge on
hallucinogens. We waited until there was a huge break in traffic and
we had plenty of time but we still all sprinted as fast as we could
across the street.

We were finally there and it was amazing. We decided to ditch the road
and hike up the side of the hill. At one point we got to a flat part
and decided to lie down and look back at the city. The
sky was bright orange, and it looked very smokey. Fireworks ere exploding
everywhere and for a second I forgot that I was on planet earth, it
was that trippy. Suddenly I got a phonecall from my parents. I made up
a bunch of bs about where I was and nothing they said made much sense
to me, I could barely understand what they were saying. After I hung
up my friends applauded me for doing such a convincing job of talking
to my parents.

We continued our journey to the top of Queen E, and along the way we
passed a lake Which was very tempting to swim in, but we decided
against it luckily since it was nearly below freezing. Suddenly we
were there and my jaw litterally dropped:
There were a variety of paths all connected winding through the most
lush plants and trees I had ever seen. In the very middle was a small
clearing with mist covering the ground. Inside the clearing was the
most epic tree I had seen or will ever see. It was bent a little bit
over and the branches spanned across most of the clearing. It was as
if every living thing in the park was connected to this tree and they
all drew their energy from it. It was surrounded by a small fence and
we were too mind blown to go into the clearing then. There was no one
else to be seen in the garden so we chose a path to the far right. We
saw some of the craziest looking plants we had ever seen. They're
impossible to describe to anyone that wasn't there but they were
comparable to the plants in the forest in James Cameron's movie
"Avatar". The visuals were so intense that by now I was convinced I
was on another planet.

A ways down the path, we came to a giant rock in the middle of the
path with another path on either side. The rock had faces all over it
and was apparently breathing. We chose the path to the right because
foe some reason it had a gigantic handicapped person sign on the
ground like one you'd see on a handicapped bathroom. This made us
really laugh because we felt very handicapped being lost somewhere
we'd been tons of times before. We walked through every path in the
garden at least 10 times except for the magical clearing, and saw
about fifteen more handicapped signs along the way for whatever reason
laughing at each one because by now we were completely lost. After
about two and a half hours of walking around aimlessly, marveling at
the natural beauty of the plants, we decided to sit down at a bench
that was right on top of the giant rock which gave us yet another
breath taking view. We sat there for another hour or so talking about
god knows what and just genuinely enjoying ourselves.

Finally we mustered up the courage to walk through the magical
clearing, it was just too tempting. We stepped over the chain and
right as we took our first few steps a voice yelled out "Hey are you
guys with Alex" we hadn't see or heard another person since we got to
the park so naturally this scared the fuck out of us. We ran through
the clearing until we were far enough away from the voice. We all
decided to go back to the field because we loved it there so much, but
this time we took the long route so we would see every part of the
park. We came to the view point area which was full of weird
sculptures and benches and to our surprise: people. All their faces
were a blur and none of them seemed to be moving. It was like someone
had pressed pause on a tv. That place was really creepy so we left
pretty quick and got to an area where the trees were very tall. My
friends lit up another cigarrette and I wandered a bit away to check
out an especially trippy tree. When I turned around my friends were
nowhere to be seen. Worried I called out there names and as soon as
they replied they became visible to me exactly where I looked before.
It was as if they had blended in with the forest. Suddenly we saw two
men walking very quickly towards us so we started walking away quickly
but they seemed to be following us! We went completely out of our way
to ditch them but it turned out they were just heading in the same
direction as us, not following us.

We looked around to see where we had ended up and saw a giant sign the
size of a bus stop with handicapped signs all over it. We tried
reading it to figure out what was with all the handicapped signs, but
it looked like gibberish, just a bunch of random lines and dots. I
talked to my friends and both said that they had been unable to read a
single word so we gave up on that. We walked for a few more minutes
until we came to that terrifying street we crossed what seemed like
months ago. This time it was deserted since it was about 3:00 am. We
got to the field again and just wandered about aimlessy again until we
saw a playground we hadn't seen last time. We sat there and talked
about the crazy shut that had happened in the last 8 hours. We were
still tripping but we decided to head home. When we got back we smoked
some more weed just to renew our trip and we listened to music on our
speakers. Eventually we realised how hungry we were so we went to 7/11
to grab some food.

Inside 7/11 was probably the worst part of my trip for several
reasons: It smelled aweful, it was way too bright, nothing looked
good, everybody working looked really depressed and there were two
really obnoxious guys in frilly fairy costumes talking really loud.
Eventually I bought some pizza pops and my friends bought instant
noodles. We got home and I cooked them right away. They tasted
absolutely aweful so I gave them away to my friends. I realised I
wasn't even that hungry. We talked for a while and listened to music
and eventually all got tired and fell asleep.

That was the end of our trip and the end of my story, but not the end
of my shrooming experainces. We all decided to make it a yearly
tradition to go to Queen E. park on Halloween on shrooms and we also
decided that the three of us would retrace our journey through the
park sober one day when the weather gets better so we can finally
figure out why there are handicapped signs everywhere!

Happy trippin' everyone.

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