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The first time I tripped, it was the coolest thing.

The first time I tripped, it was the coolest thing. My boyfriend, his friend, and I decided to go to the park. It was about Oct or Nov and it just started snowing. The snow was not sticking, but it snowed the whole drive to the park. As you can imagine this was pretty crazy. I cannot even describe it. Once we arrived at the park, the 2 guys went to play basketball. They left me alone in the car (which had an extremely loud stereo in it). The stereo was bumpin' as I stared out the window into the grassy area of the park. There were lots of old old trees. I began to see witches running around the trees and all over the grassy area. The were wearing dark brown "capes" with hoods. I didn't seem to care at all. I just shut my eyes and suddenly I was transported into a psychedelic dance club. There were people everywhere dancing. Occasionaly, brightly colored patterns appeared and transformed into my whole field of vision. I do not know how long it continued, but it was awesome. :) Best trip ever!

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