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Did shrooms for english paper

worth it

They say psilocybin mushrooms are a way to further open the mind. They were right. A month ago I did research on these psilocybin mushrooms which I had an interest in after learning they could be a cure to Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID). Although illegal I felt I had to try a different medication that just might work. It took a couple weeks but I finally found two grams of them. Since I wasn?t exactly using them recreationally and had done plenty of research I figured it was ok. On a day I had chosen with the right circumstances I took them out and decided it was time. I brought it up to my nose and it had a pungent smell that made me throw my head back. I then licked its rough, bumpy surface. It tasted just like a mushroom should. I stuck two stems in my mouth and devoured them leaving a cap for last. After I finished them with orange juice I sat on my couch and put on meditational music in the background. After all I was just meditating.

It takes about an hour to start feeling the effects. The effects come at you out of the shadows and take you by surprise. I saw a light in the corner of my eye and it?s purple. I glanced over at it and it?s a candle I had lit only it changed back to a yellow flame when I set my eyes back on it. That?s when I knew this was real and I was in for a real trip. Some of this will be hard to explain but I will describe it in detail as best I can. I started feeling off balance as a wave of euphoria came over me. I closed my eyes to see what they call eyelid visuals. It looked like a kaleidoscope with vivid colors and basic shapes starting to form into objects. I then saw elephants which morphed into two chicken legs which were scratching turntables like a DJ. I opened my eyes when I had my fill of those strange visuals but then I was looking at the glass I had drunk orange juice from and it seemed to be melting. From here on everything was different. I went outside for no apparent reason and found a little green fuse that had probably fallen out of someone?s car. At the time I thought it was a key and I went on a quest to find out what for. My apartment complex had become a maze and I was lost in it. My mind thought I was a janitor so I started picking up trash around the complex and throwing it away. There was an area with trees that were dropping little pink flowers. As the flowers hit the ground they morphed together and became one solid, bumpy texture. I finally made it home and decided to start recording myself on my laptop. I could see my face and it kept warping and I was talking a lot of nonsense.? Considering I had taken these ?shrooms? for my DID I decided to look in the mirror. I spent the next couple hours in front of this broad, clear mirror.

DID is a technical name for split personality. Although when I am sober I can only be one ego or the other, on shrooms I was able to use mirrors to have them both presently there. In the mirror was my alter ego and I was talking to him as I would any other person. This was a real breakthrough for me. Enough about that though. All around me sounds would be stretched and start sounding mechanical. The sounds of cicadas in the trees made my mind think they were like the devils spies. I looked at my candle again and everything except the candle got dark. All the noises also halted into a low hum. I put my face close to the flame and thought to myself ?this is my portal to hell?. After five minutes of trying to figure out how to ?open? my portal I decided to leave it for another day. I could see texture in everything. I looked down at my rug and every fiber grew thorns which reached out at me. Oh man had I been tripping. I got a pen and started drawing eyes in the middle of my palms. This is the funniest and weirdest part of my trip. When I put my palms together facing me, it became a face. Apparently it was a girl that I was trying to pick up with cheesy pick up lines. Wow that was the weirdest thing ever. I decided to migrate back into my living room. I had paintings of flowers on my wall above me and they seemed to be breathing so I got on my couch and put my face close to them. When I was looking at them closely I could see the texture like it was a real flower. In the middle of the flower was a black circle which had become a deep hole. I moved my head closer to it and as I did an eye popped out of it. This startled me and I flew back off my couch and fell on my back. Then I burst out laughing. This was all very new and entertaining for me.

The peak of my trip was at about the four hour mark but I still had a ?coming down? time which I spent at the mall. In this time I felt tired and kept yawning. The colors were still very vivid in everything and occasionally little waves of euphoria would kick in. I had made a breakthrough and that was enough for me. This experience has helped me and it was a good time while it lasted. I chose this to write about because describing everything in detail came very easy. Everything had a lot of detail that you can?t help but pay attention to. I tried to describe everything as good as I could and that which I couldn?t I left out. There is far more to it than what I have written but you would?ve had to been there to understand. This was my first and only time on those pungent, dry, and magical mushrooms.

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