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gonna have to do

Hello, this is the first time I have submitted an experience report of any kind anywhere!  Hard to beleive since I've been browsing erowid almost as long as it's been around.  Anyway, I noticed that the shroomery has no articles on JWH-018.  To the rescue!

To begin, I have to stop smoking MJ.  After I write this article,  I'm leaving the house and paying for some pre-requisite classes at the local community college.   I'm on my way to becomming a liscensed practicing nurse.  I already hold a Ceritfication for nurses aid.  So that's why I have to quit.  Unemployment from my previous construction job will only pay for a few more months of lying around the house and I need a job.  I intend to use my certification for nurse's aid and must pass a drug test.

Apparantly, JWH-018 does not show in drug tests.  I am not stating this as fact, but that's the general consensus.

I ordered and received 250mg of this novel drug a week ago.  I used half a pint of 190 proof everclear to dissolve it, then mixed in about 7 grams of parsley.  I then let the alcohol evaporate.  I'm left with a little over 7 grams of materal.

The first time I tried this, I took one small hit and held it in for only 5 sec.  I felt an alert almost immediatly.  It took about 15 min to come on fully.  It felt familar, but somewhat fake and lasted a long time.  There was also some weird intoxication noticed after a couple hours that wasn't enjoyed.  Overall, I didn't think highly of this new stuff.

Second day.   I waited till evening before taking a hit.  This time I was sure I wasn't getting myself in over my head and was much more relaxed going into the experience.  It wasn't as strong and I came back for another hit after a hour and a half.  I ended up taking 5-6 hits that night and was stoned to the bone.  Starting to like this!

Third day.  Took a hit after 2 shots of liquor around 2pm.  nice buzz, tolorance noted.  Later that evening I took a hit every hour or so till I passed out!  Strong stuff.  Def tolorance factor working here though.

Today:  I've got stuff to do at the college and am not going to smoke till I get these done

Conclusion:  This is going to have to do for my new smoke.  It doesn't have all the subdelties that MJ does, but It's very strong and effective.  I would have to say it has a stronger munchie effect than MJ.  More sedating also.  Use extreme caution with driving/operation of machinery.  I would say don't drive at all, but I know how people are.  I drove after smoking weed, so what can you say?   DO NOT SMOKE JWH-018 WHILE DRIVING!!  You may not know how high you're gonna get for 10min or longer, this can be dangerous. 

PS  I highly recommend making a smoking blend like I did.  It let's you gague your dose.  Vaping JWH-018 eyeballed amounts can lead to extreme intoxication!!   If at anytinme you find that you've dosed too much, remember in a hour, you'll be half as high as you are now.

Hope this helps yall, peace

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