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2C-E 15mg

about 6-7 months ago...

well here i am posting a report from one of my rather stronger experiences with psycadelics, 2C-E which was a 15mg powder capsule.
So it all started while sitting at my good friends house (who i will refer to as B), and one other buddy who i had no hungout with much
(who i will refer to as J). All of us having had experiences with mushrooms and good experiences with them (though only possed
through dealers) decided we would take a short drive to pickup 3 15mg 2C-E capsules that we had heard friends tried eariler in the week,
one for each of course.

We get the capsules and almost immediately after leaving the dealers house J and myself popped our capsules, while B waited another 30
minutes until we were within miles of his house, the trip destination for the night. So i would say 40-45 after i took my capsule B, J and myself
were just chillin in his living room and i began to feel heavily nauseated, and asked J who said he felt the same. Although J is about 70-80lbs
more then i am, me being only 120lbs the nausea began to kick my ass a bit. So i walked into the kitchen and poured a glass of water when
i first noticed the hallucinations to kick in, while drinking the water i looked at a womens magazine cover that B's mother had left on the table
which was a gorgeous girl in a bikini (although very unappealing at the time) begain to take 3D like deminsiouns by popping out of the cover
slightely along with the headlines, then going back to 2D and repeating this many times. So after being a bit wierded out i went beck into the
living room with B and J and asked again what they were feeling, both replied with a ehh kinda like response. after which i looked at his semi-shaggy
light brown carpet which began to flow as if it was slow moving water in a stream, and responded with a well guys "that sucks cause to me ur carpet look
like a fucking stream B!" Both responded in laughter and after some debate we decided to make a firepit in the middle of his backyard. So we called
my good friend JJ (who i was living with at the time) to come over and get some firewood, who gladdely did knowing it would help our experiences.

Now may i not that B's house was in the middle of town which isnt the brightest idea but after some research we foundout the small, enclosed fires are
allowed so long as atleast 1 person is around it at all times. Then once JJ got there we built a small pit out of mid-sized rocks and started this small, but
somehow insanely astounding fire (atleast to me and J). So sitting around the fire B's in a cair, the rest of us on blankets, mine being a multi-shaded blue
mexican pattern blanked, ever so soft!! (atleast at the time it was) Now may i note we kept this fire running all-night at about 12-24in in heights and every time
a flame shot up it looked like it elevated slightly above the rest at which point it diminished. JJ having experience in psycadelics (though only with lsd and
mushrooms) became increasinly interested in what we were experiencing, B (which to this day) claimed he didnt feel/see much more then a good body high and
J noting similar hallucinations to mine.

Awhile after we started the fire i pursuaded JJ to bring me headphones for my ipod i neglected to bring with so i could listen to the beatles which every second
of each song was astounding and felt like it was involved with the trip and the trippy, but small yard B had. Which included 2 massive pine trees, a rocked part,
a large deck with each having boards in a different direction from the last but all in the same dirrection, tall but only slightley dense shrubbage against the side
of the house (which was directly infront of me just to B's left who was on the other side of the fire) and a borded fence with about 1-2in of space inbetween each

Songs i took a particualar liking to were "octopus's garden" and "here comes the sun". Everytime i got up from my ever-so-perfect spot and walked up B's trippy
deck i leaned my back nearly a foot backward because to me i felt i was walking up the side of a massive building/structure!

After about 6-7hrs B politely asked us what we were going to do, wanting us to leave so we began to pack up and extinguish the fire and which a song from my on-the-go playlist popped
up that was great for the time, it was "here comes the sun!" As the sun was rising and the trip was ending for all of us! Me, J and JJ then took my car to hy-vee
for biscuits and gravy which i took a particular disliking to. Which i think is because JJ mentioned he at there last year in football camp and they tasted like dirty socks,
so trying to ignore his comment i took 1 bit and ewww, they tasted exactly like socks! Although both of them at their full plates including mine and said they tasted fine.

so all in all it was a great experience, and whoever thinks that people cant remember stuff while on drugs are completely wrong! How would i remember this many details after
over 1/2 yr?


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