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Half eight, fifth time trippin'

Crazy Patterns and A Higher Existence

I had a half eight of shrooms left over from the last time i tripped.  I'd say i had them for over a week.  I decided I needed to get rid of them fast so i made up my mind to take them before I left to hang out with my buddies.  I blended them into a smoothie with two vitamin C pills.  Since it was only a half eight, and ive done plenty more than that before, I didn't expect much.  I started getting a body high before i was even done with my smoothie but it wasnt very intense.  My friends picked me up, only one of which knew I was trippin', and we smoked a half eighth of weed.  Sitting in my friends car, listening to instrumentals, I closed my eyes and saw very bright, clear, complex, and colorful patterns which were constantly changing.  I was so excited because that has never happened to me before.  I kept my eyes closed and swayed to the music.  My friends who didn't know I was tripping thought I was crazy.  When I got home I laid on my floor and put on a psychedelic playlist that included, Amon Duul II, 13th floor Elevators, 009 sound system, and Mgmt, All amazing bands to listen to while trippin'.  Then for the first time, while I was enjoyed the dazzling psychedelic light show going on in my head, I came to a realization that everyone and everything was connected somehow.  Its very hard to explain but, Imagine everyone is together in one life force as one entity.  Old feelings such as happiness, comfort, or hunger no longer existed and I was convinced that I was going to live my whole life in this new existence and I would have been perfectly content with that.  Unfortunately, I am now back to reality and everything I was feeling no longer makes any sense at all haha.  

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