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My Amanita Muscaria Experience

A winter wonderland

A couple of weeks ago, my friend and I decided that we wanted to try out Amanita Muscaria for our first times over christmas break. I've got some decent experience with psilocybes and I was looking for something a little more spiritual or enlightening.

My friend had never tripped and wantred to try out Amanita Muscaria for his first trip. After reading countless reports and dosage information I decided to order an ounce of grade "B" mixed caps from an online source. They came three days ago and on the next day we decided to try them out.

We prepared for an early wake up to have fun for quite a few hours. After opening the bag, we both decided to try a sample of the shroom to get a feel of what we had to choke down. Not a horrible taste...resembled a cruchy beef jerky.

I decided I would take some advice from the internet and I used a kitchen chopper thing (not sure what its called? lol) and powdered the mushrooms into the smallest grains possible. I decided to mix my shroom powder with a honey/peanut butter combo and to make sandwiches. HORRIBLE decision....i gagged down 14g of powdered shroom in 3 sandwiches....so gross.

My friend, after seeing my hard time, put his 14g into a bowl of icecream and ate it with chocolate syrup. Much smarter decision....After ingesting the shrooms we thought while we would wait to start feeling the effects we would smoke the leftover .6g (or so) in my bowl.

The powder burned a lot like weed shake, but the smell and taste were completely disgusting. We finished the bowl and put on some sublime. Neither of us knew what to expect and we decided we were going to wait for the high to kick in.

About an hour later we got bored and decided to go on a walk. We walked around for about 40min before i started feeling pretty tired. My friend felt a bit tired himself, so we made our way back to my house where we split a can of Monster (we didnt want to fall asleep and waste the trip). The Monster woke us both back up. Still not feeling any effects, we sat around, put in a movie, and waited...and waited...and waited.

At about 2 and a half hours in I got frustrated and called the online source to ensure they did not remove the muscimol/ibotenic acid (which would have converted because they were dry) that would cause the trip. The customer support was able to give me the information that the chemical had not been extracted but could not give any information on if we may or may not have comsumed the mushrooms (lol who mushrooms for home decor?)

Well we became disapointed and decided it was about time to pick up some weed. At about three hours in we smoked roughly 4g of some stupid fire.

This is where it started getting good....By the time we had smoked the sun was going down and we decided to go on a walk. I'm not sure if the shrooms had "kicked in" at around the same time the weed had, but I started getting some intense visuals.

Out here in NE Ohio, we had a couple inches of snow on the ground at the time and the color of the snow was simply AMAZING. So bright and cheery, I wasn't getting cold at all and I started imagining things. My gaze was fixed on a traffic light where the color red was so intense, I felt like I was inside it (weird but only way i can express it). I looked away for one second and out of no where holiday decorations were all over the street (maybe they were there before but i didnt notice?).

The street lights had all sorts of wreaths and ribbons all over them and the houses seemed to be alive. Not alive in the sense of living and breathing but they seemed to burst into life....in a colorful sort of way. None of the colors of items i saw were abnormal...they were just SO intense and emotional.

Psylocybes give me similar effects but i usually notice color changing and these colors were so impacting. Well After about two hours of walking with my friend (all the while he was explaining similar visuals) we both decided to head home.

He lives about a block away and made it there fine and when i arrived home I thought It was time to look at some of my artwork on the computer...I was already coming down from the peak of the trip but the art was fun to look at anyways...I decided It was time to head to bed and I had a long 12 hours of good deep sleep.

Overall experience: Enjoyable but took too long to feel effects

Maybe it was just really good weed and the shrooms didnt do shit? Ive never had a weed high similar to that but this was some good shit...

I wouldnt mind looking into smoking a. muscaria/weed combo if i decide to do this again so it may complement themselves to majestically as they did the other day....Oh and I forgot to mention that roughly after 30min of eating the shrooms I had intense salivation throughout the day (even after smoking)

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