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lava house

it was friday night, I had just bought a hlaf ounce and wanted to split it three ways between my friends and I.

it was friday night, I had just bought a hlaf ounce and
wanted to split it three ways between my friends and I.
One of my friends, bbby, said he didn't want to take
shrooms because he hd had a horrible trip the last
time he took them. So tha left me and my other friend,
brian, to decide how much we would take. We said fuck
it, and slip the half 0. Sitting in my living room, we had
been talking about a strange place people go to and
drop acid, people had been telling us how wonderful
this place is when your tripping. We decided to go for it,
we hopped in bobbys cr and headed out.It was about a
forty five minute trip from my house to belvedere (thats
where the house is located, its acroos the bay from
san fransisco) On our way, we smoked about three
bowls and by the time we hit the winding roads of the
san fransisco bay, I was trippen hard. In the car I could
see San Fransisco, it seemed like a holy city in the
clouds, like is was on mt. olympus. Mesmorized by the
lights I became hypnotized as they would blur and and
come back. We had made it to the lava house at about
10, I stepped out of the car and was overcome by an
incredidble sense of well-being. Every thing that
seemed important, time, work, authority, completely
ceased to exist. I began to look at my friend brian, he
had a lok on his face like he had just landed on another
planet, curiousity overwhelmed him as he walked down
the street. I could relate tohim, as I had never been in
such a tranquil state before.Walking to the house I
began to talk, I don't remember what I said all I know is
when I asked my firends the next day what I said, "You
weren't makin sense at all" they replied. We got to a
chain link fence, it must have been fifteen feet high, it
seemed like a prison wall or something. I scaled the
wall with some help from my friends and i was
awstruck by what I saw. a littl brief history of the lava
house( the man who inveneted the seat belt, built a
multimillion dollar property, across the bay from san
francisco. He began to fly in huge pumice lava rocks
some the size of cars from hawaiiby helicopter. He
made art with these rocks, contructing huge fountains
that looked like they were made by satan himself. On
the way down to the lava house from the road, you walk
on a solid marbel spiral staircase. Once you get down
on the deck, you see what is easily one of the greatest
views of sanfrancisco the area has to offer. I began to
walk around the estate, witch was completetly
abandoned, I walked onto the roof, and stared at the city
with brian, it seemed as if i could touch it with my hand,
altough it was across the bay. I eyes felt like natural
binoculars, if I wanted I could zoom in on a specific spot
and watch. When I zoomed out and looke at the whole
city, waves started to form, as huge areas of blurred
light would come up and crash ack down.
I heard a noise behing me, poeple talking. I looked up
at hespiral staircase behind us and saw about tenty
kids walking down. They looked as if the were
lemmings in a computer game, all with the same
movements, all in order, equally spaced and all
speaking the same language, gibberish. An eary fear
came over me, as if some one had entered my world
and disrupted the peace. I heard one say, "thank god
for these shrroms" my fear ceased to exist as I know
shared a greater world with more people of my own
kind. I walked around the property gaizing at the strange
rock formation that the man had mede into designs and
patterns. One of the most tripped out things I saw there
was a huge stone wall, and on the wall weere a bunch
of rocks in a pattern, at eye level when i looked at close
to the wall it made no sense. But then I stepped back
and was awstruck by what I saw, the rocks were in the
from of a hug tree, the stone tree started to sway back
and forth as if the wind was hitting it. After experiancng
everything we could at the house, we decided to go
home, it ws about 1 when we got in our car and headed
home, on the way we smoked more bowls and turned
on some music. Metallica, as I closed mu eyes I got
etremely awesome visuals, 3-d shapes and patternd
that went with the music. As I closed my eyes and
concentrated on the music, my brain began to tickle as
sensations of pleasure raced through my cranium at
my will. This sensation went on until we got back into
our town, and I stepped out of the carand went back into
my house. I walked into my room turned on my music,
tool, and tripped off into another world. I felt as if I was
floting through the sky on a cloud, with that amazing
sensation in my head, as tools intruments inflected,
and maynards voice tickled my brain. A night I will never
forget and will go back to very soon.

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