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A Trip Before Christmas

Level 3

I just came down from my shroom trip about an hour or two ago. Before I give a description of the trip, I'll talk a little about my background. Im 16 and live in Florida. I smoke weed everyday and have now tripped on shrooms twice and once on DOI. I also drink a few times per week. Ive gone shrooming three times and have a spot near my house that has easy accesibility to shrooms.

Two days ago (December 19th) I went to my shrooming spot in the morning at about 10am. I wasnt expecting many shrooms as Ive gone there twice before. The first time i got 8 shrooms and the second time i got 4. Also, it has been very cold lately, averaging around 60 to 65 F. To my suprise, after searching for a good hour, i returned home with a total of 15 P. cubensis. The biggest having a cap the size of a CD and the smallest with a cap about 2 1/2 inches across. Out of the 15 shrooms I had, i sold 13 of them. Today is December 21st and at around noon i weighed out some shrooms weighing about 18 grams (fresh shrooms). By the way, I am a lightweight to everything so it may take someone more shrooms to trip than me. Out of all 15 shrooms i had over 100 grams fresh (the wet-to-dry ratio of shrooms being 10 to 1). I ate them the way i had done before. got some peanut butter and smeared them on parts of the shrooms and chewed and ate them part by part. From what ive heard and to my experience, chewing the shrooms makes the onset and coming up much faster. After about 10 minutes i ate the shrooms. I then went and brushed my teeth because i had shroom shit in my mouth and i personally dont like the taste of any types of mushrooms. When i got back to my room i sat down and felt myself feeling a little rushed and scared. Knowing this is how a trip starts off for me, i was very excited.

About 10 minutes later and 20 minutes after eating the shrooms, i began to notice things i normally wouldnt have. I went and looked in the mirror and payed attention to the little hairs that were on my eyebrows and such. they seemed to magnify themselves. I walked back into my room and sat down. When i was texting my friend, i concentrated so hard on my phone that everything around it seemed to be zoomed in and magnify itself around me. The letters on my phones screen looked different colors. I looked at the posters on my wall and they started to wave and move around on the wall. I stared at one trippy poster i have, there seemed to be static electricity and electric current going all over the poster. It scared me so i did my best to look away. For the next 20 minutes i felt very scared though i wasnt scared at all. I just had the scared feeling in my body but in my mind i was not scared. this soon passed over and i started to walk around my house. There was a snowman decoration on my Moms closet door and i engaged in a conversation with it. It was smiling so big that it made me smile and laugh and put me in a great mood. I just walked around my house and looking at things morph and swirl around before me. I was very very happy.

After another 10 minutes i went back in my room only to feel my trip coming on even harder. Everything in my room was spinning and for a few minutes i thought that my room had legs and was walking away from the rest of my house. I wasnt scared anymore and felt like my couch was protecting me. 20 minutes later my mom came home. I wanted to leave the house and hang out with some friends so i asked her if i could (my mom doesnt care about anything so if she knew i was tripping it wouldnt have been a big deal). I got the car keys and went back into my room and grabbed my blunt wraps, weed, scale, wallet, and the rest of my shrooms (about 36 grams).

I do NOT reccomend driving on shrooms. It was near impossible. I kept getting distracted and losing concentration on driving. but even when i was distracted i seemed to drive fine like it was second nature. Even still, i didnt trust myself. I went to a gas station and while inside paying for the gas i looked outside and thought i was my car driving away. at first i got scared but then i laughed because i knew i was just triping. I met up with my friends at cumberland farms and sold them the rest of the shrooms i had. then we matched up and rolled a blunt with about 1.2 grams of dank. I drove us all up to a spot that we smoke at alot. Two of the three people i was with immediatly ate the shrooms i had sold them. We then went a smoked the blunt. After about 5 minutes i realized that i was tripping a lot harder than before. I felt as if everything was a complete dream. I felt really good.

Me and my girlfriend went and bought some food then went back to my house and ate and watched a movie. Then we had sex and i took her home. Having sex while on shrooms is quite difficult and it takes longer to climax than when sober. By the time i got back home at around 8:30, my trip had completely worn off. For me, there is no hangover or anything after tripping or drinking. Smoking makes me tired though after i come down. I have sore legs but thats from all the walking ive been doing lately and having sex. Overall, this was my favorite experience Ive had on shrooms (though ive only had two). I felt very very good most of the time and had nothing to give me a bad trip. Everyone was being nice (as far as i could tell) and things were working out perfectly. I had a lot of realizations when i tripped also, many of which have unfortunatly been forgotten. I plan on going and getting more shrooms as soon as the temperature rasies and it rains again. I also plan on tripping again. Probably a heavier dose next time. My first time i had a heavier dose too but didnt weigh it out. 

All in all, I had a great trip and if its one thing thats very important while tripping its not to get scared of whats happeneing and just let it happen. Enjoy whats happening and let the shrooms take over.

Have a good trip 

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