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Beer and Concerta

Pretty good night.

So im prescribed 36mg concerta, and i decided tp snort some tonihgt, and btw, about 2+ hours in and im stil triping so bear with me.

The night started with 2 beers, Icehouse. i started watching Bam Margera's Where the Fuck is Santa and started cutting up my concerta. it took a while because concerta is pretty hard to cut up. well when i finaly got it cut nicley, i snorted one have of the pill up my right nostril and the other half up my left. instantly m nose felt great. like i had snored the sugar off of 5 gum. after 10 minutes (witch seemed like 20) i started tripping pret hardcore, because of the pill AND beer mixed. the movie went be quikly, an my legs couldnt stay still. i felt really hper, but oddly calm. i got another beer, chugged it, and sat sown again. the movie was almost over, and the last beer mixed with the pill. all the feeling i felt amplified. it felt euphoric. my legs tingled, my heart raced ans it was like heaven. i started reading trip reports from shrooms on here and thought "i should make a trip report." right now im just starting to come down, concrta snorted doesnt last long. but i give concerta + beer a 2 thumbs up.

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