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Azure/Cyan Intense

The night was looking pretty bad so far, me and a friend, J, had failed to find anyone to hook us up with weed.

The night was looking pretty bad so far, me and a
friend, J, had failed to find anyone to hook us up with
weed. I remembered i had recently aqquired a shroom
dealers number and i figured if we couldn't get weed,
how about mushrooms ? We called the guy up, met
him and procured what i would say was a little less
then a quarter oz... When we asked what kind they
were he told us he had recently picked them in Oregon
and that the strains were Azure and Psi. Cyan... Neither
J nor I had ever had anythign other then p. cubineses
and were curious about the different kind of trip we
might get...

We then had to go do some crap for J's girlfriend
(walking and feeding her animals while she is at
college) while we were over at her house we made
decided to put them into penut butter and jelly
sandwitches, we spit the bag into caps, full
mushrooms and stems. There was about 8 full
mushrooms, a TON of small stems [20-30+] and a lot
of just caps. We split them up equally and put them into
our sandwitches.

J ate his then but I waited until i was at my house where
it was safe... about 20-30min after consuming his
sandwitch J started talking about strang patterns in his
jeans, and that he was feeling very strange. I was eager
to munch down my shrooms so i said we should catch
the bus to my house.

When we got back to my house I sat down and
immediatly munched down my sandwitch, the taste
was not bad because of all the penut butter and jelly,
though a few of the shrooms were a bit slimey
Imanaged to munch them down within 5 minutes. By
this time J's pupils were huge and he was tripping so
hard he had a lot of trouble talking and working out
simple sentences.

While I was waiting for my mushrooms to kick in I
decided to play some 'Rogue Spear' a popular
multiplayer game on the Macintosh. Anyways, after
about 30 minutes of playing the game i start to feel the
onset of the mushrooms, at first just a small body high,
my auditory senses were hightened (i could hear every
step, each whisk of wind in the game) I was having a
very good time using these senses to my advantage, i
was literally working everyone in the game! After about
10-20 minutes more of the game i got bored and
decided to take a break to do a little drawing...

The trip was coming on quite hard then, J was just
staring at the celing of the bunkbed which he was lieing
on, talking aabout how 3d faces were coming at him
and he was seeing a beautiful collage of pictures. As I
was drawing each stroke i drew seemed to be liquid
but when i pressed it, the pencil only smudged a tiny
bit. I quickly got bored of drawing and put on some
Southpark. It was a very crazy episode and all the little
characters seemed very lifelike.... I started to think of life
in southpark terms, talking in cartman's voice, singing
'kyles mom is a stupid bitch' (i was watching the
christmas southpark) J was TRIPPIN on it in the
bunkbed, he told me that the people who put on the
play were going to find out what we were doing and sue
us (??? he was going crazy i think)

At this point I ran into some interesting expirences,
when smokign a cigarette outside a silver tarp i had
hanging outside was blowing viciously in the wind and
in the tarp i saw millions upon millions of circular silver
beads rotating and forming patterns in the tarp. This
mezmorized me to the point i forgot i was smoking a
cigarette and didn't not realize until i felt a burning
sensation near my fingers.

At this time i went back inside and decided to watch
Harry Potter [recently downloaded MPEG file] As J and I
watched harry potter I realized it had been like 4 hours
and i had not left my room once. Knowing my parents
were most liekyl in the living room i feared leaving the
room, to the point where i went outside to piss instead
of risking them hearing my door opening and coming to
investigate (paranoia was kicking in) As i watched harry
potter i had many cool visuals (the letters flying off the
screen, giant trolls in my room, ect some very crazy shit)
by the time the movie was over i was coming down... i
tried to sleep but found that my mind would not let me
drift to unconciousness so i decided to waste some
time on #shroomery on IRC. I talked for a few minutes
with a fellow oregonian going through the same
agonizing sleep process i was... it was strange to think
someone in the same state ran into the same sleep
problem with shooms i did, very curious, he happened
to go to college at a place with a few good friends of
mine as well. Finally at about 4:30AM i was able to fall

I had lots of fun on this trip, the trip was more intense
then others i have previously expirenced but it was fun
nonetheless... i WILL be sticking to stright p. cubenesis
from now on though!

I hope you enjoyed my trip report and maybe it gave you
insight into what doing azure/cyan shrooms will do to


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