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Random Night of Shroomin!

Deciding to buy and eat shrooms during a night of drinking

This was my second time tripping on mushrooms. A couple of my friends and I had done them two weeks prior to this, which was an extremely satisfying trip leaving us all with a great impression on these little powerful fungi.

It was a Saturday night in June- and my friends B, J, along with B’s cousin A from Chicago (we live in a town just East of Toronto), were having a few drinks at my house. For the most part we were all starting to become quite wasted in my opinion. I don’t remember who it was, but there was someone who had a bright idea and drunkenly proclaimed, “Hey! Let’s get some Shrooms guys!” It was around 9:00 pm at this point, and most of us were well into a very drunken state. I’m not quite sure how it all happened but we somehow managed to get in contact with a dealer, pooled our money together, and within 30 minutes we had a solid amount of the little shroomies ready to go with about 3- 3.5 grams per person.

I was so excited and happy (keep in mind we were all somewhat intoxicated from the alcohol). I remember just scarfing them all down at once with no hesitation, however B and his cousin resorted to making shroom and peanut butter sandwiches, which I was thought was quite clever.

We went back upstairs into my room where we simply just sat around and blasted some electro beats waiting for the drug to take its might grip on us. At this point in the summer J and I had invested in a midi-controller, a dj-ing device that we had connected to his laptop. Playing around on this thing began to become extremely entertaining. I was hearing the music differently at this point. The sounds gave me the most euphoric feelings as I would hear an echo that would float off into my mind and continue on as the beat would sustain itself. Another echo would shoot off in a different direction, and a continued layer of sounds began to flood my mind which sounded amazing. “Here we go..” I remember thinking.

We had been in contact with a group of girls we were good friends with that night, and learned that they too had earlier dropped some shrooms. I remember feeling so connected to them at this point, simply because I knew they were having similar experiences as our group. Nothing else mattered. I remember thinking of all the people who were NOT on mushrooms that night in my town and felt so bad for them. A mission was forming in my mind which would comprise of us somehow meeting up with this other shroom “group,” which I suddenly felt spiritually connected to. I proposed the idea to my friends and everyone immediately jumped on the idea. Adventure time! What we really did not take into consideration that walking to this girl’s house usually would take roughly an hour- that is being sober and walking at a steady pace. None of this seemed to phase us at the time, but looking back at it now I realize that this was a truly idiotic decision.

We loaded available backpacks with bottles of beer and set out on our quest. There were other members of the group who were not tripping on mushrooms, but drunkenly decided to come with us a well which I thought was great and downright hilarious.

So there we were. A group of drunken, tripping, 19-20 year olds walking with a large amount of alcohol in this nice little innocent suburban neighbourhood. “It’s like high school!” people were starting to say. And then at this point it was as if I went back in time to the days when these types of “adventures” were quite common in high school when many of us would simply walk around our neighbourhoods aimlessly acting like drunken buffoons. I loved every minute of it. I felt so alive and great that I could relive this experience. It was like I was in two different time periods at once, if that makes any sense? It was J’s first time tripping so I was particularly excited about what he was already experiencing. I remember walking through the dark neighbourhood that was illuminated by the array of stars in the sky. The stars just stood there in the black abyss, giving off the most beautiful glow I had ever seen. There were still some people outside of their houses on this night (the weather was beautiful). I began to laugh hysterically as I thought of how fucked up I was actually beginning to feel. “This neighbourhood was so innocent and pleasant” I thought. But none of these people we walked by would ever know how much we were actually tripping. For some reason I found this amazingly amusing.

I do not exactly recall what went on for the following 2 km or so of the walk, only admiring cars that would go by. Cars were extremely impressive. I thought about how much technology has developed over time, and how man had created these amazing machines. They flew by with such speed and elegance. I would only catch a glimpse of each vehicle, surrounded by the intense space ship-like glow its headlights would give off. We as humans have an idea of “space-ships” I thought. But then it came to me...cars were spaceships! Somebody 500 years ago would be shitting their pants if exposed to something as simple as a car. I began to have other subsequent “discoveries” about technology, evolution, and life- but none I seem to remember now. Most of the people in this group had done this same walk many times before, and were extremely familiar with the directions in getting there...but somehow...we were lost.

We were lost! What the fuck, how could we be lost?? I knew the street we were on...but somehow I just could not figure out which way to go, I actually remember being on the sidewalk and thinking.. “Holy shit..dudes..which way were we just walking from?” The drunken members of our group at this point were simply just sloshing around, and us shroomers stuck together- confused as hell. I kept wondering how this was all possible. The more I thought of how to get there the more I could not remember. I didn’t really care though; it’s moments like these on shrooms that help you realize you are truly tripping.

My obsession with technology came back as I pulled out my iphone and loaded up the GPS feature. Bad idea. This did not help at all- I seemed to become more interested in the colours that were vibrating rather than concentrating at the task at hand.

Finally we somehow got to the connecting main road that would eventually take us to the girl’s house. As we were crossing a familiar bridge, one of the group members through it would be cool to go off-roading. This would take us into some bush, train tracks, as well as another field of high grass before reaching the street the girl’s house was on. I remember thinking how fucked this was. Why the hell are we doing this? We could have easily just stayed on the street and would have been there in a much simpler fashion. We must have looked like idiots at this point, 6 or so guys just falling over and stumbling into the unknown at the side of the road. We ventured underneath the bridge which went over the train tracks. There was a bright light from far away along the tracks that we noticed. A train! We were so excited. This was when things began to get trippy. All the grass around us was breathing and moving around so wildly. It was as if our anxious mood was feeding off into our surrounding environment.

                After what seemed like an eternity we realized that there was no train, which left us all puzzled about this bright light. I’m still not really sure what we were seeing. All of a sudden we heard the loud buzzing noise of a police helicopter above us with it spotlight shining itself throughout the town. People began to become anxious, but I became so curious. If the cops made the effort to actually come all the way down underneath the bridge to “investigate” I would find this extremely hilarious. I’m usually very paranoid about drugs and the police, especially with marijuana- however I remember almost wanting them to somehow come down here- just to see if they would actually do it.

We decided to go on with our adventure towards the street and safe suburbia when it hit me....I’m still drunk. It is hard to put it into words, but while on mushrooms, as well as still being quite intoxicated, I felt my body being drunk. I was becoming to in-tuned with my physical aspects of my body. I felt that I knew every square inch, what every organ was doing. I remember thinking that I was an idiot. Why do this to my body? It’s hard to describe, but I could feel the physical affects it had on my body, of how my speech was slurring, and how it was affecting my motor skills. To me, it was like my body was nothing- just a vessel here on earth. The shrooms had released my inner spiritual self which could sense and see all.

We finally arrived at this girl’s house which brought on great excitement. We walked inside, which felt like we entered an entirely different domain. I remember the warmth of the atmosphere and vibes I received upon entering this home. They were so intense, yet so peaceful at the same time.

This girl’s house is big, with tons of rooms- equalling a place where anybody on shrooms would love to be. We made our way into the living room, where the girls were sitting, coming off of their shroom, but still in a euphoric state. I sat down on a leather couch which seemed so comfy, as if it was perfectly customized just for me. I was in heaven.

We sat facing the girls and began to talk about our experiences from the night. All of their hair glowed so vibrantly. Blonde or brown- it was as if they had put some sort of ultra-shampoo to make it look like something I can’t even describe.

My friend J was sitting on a chair away from the centralized group. It was as if he was on a tropical island, just chilling- having an awesome time. I went over to him to see how his trip was going. I don’t even think we were making sense, nor talking proper English- yet we understood each other. We have all been best friends for over 15 years and I remember feeling so connected with these guys that it didn’t really matter what they were saying. I seemed to understand them somehow.

I then took interest in the house and began exploring.

Each room had its own vibe and personality to it. Some were friendly, some were intellectual, some were jokers, and one I remember (a very dark room..I think it was like a tool or storage room or something) was extremely eerie and sombre. I gave the room “respect” and chose not to enter it.

Me and J stood in a washroom downstairs staring into the mirror. I laughed at myself. My pupils were huge, I knew it was me...but somehow I looked COMPLETELY different. I cannot put this into words but it tripped me out hard. After a bit more exploring the entire group eventually ended up in a bedroom upstairs all sprawled out along this amazing furry-type carpet. I remember being unsatisfied with my position on the floor and how uncomfortable I was feeling in my current position. I then shocked the hell out of myself after simply just thinking (or tricking) myself into believing that I was comfortable, even though I wasn’t. All I did was imagine myself being comfortable- and it worked! This was crazy! How did I do that? I felt like I had special powers of some sort.

I got up to go to the washroom at some point. Washrooms on shrooms sort of sketch me out. I came in and was immediately affected by the vibe of the room. The wall paper pattern was crawling everywhere. The washroom was alive and had realized a human had entered its peaceful domain. “Don’t worry washroom,” I remember saying, “I just have to take a quick piss and I’ll be right out, no harm done.” I had this overwhelming respect for the washroom, as if it was an important authority figure. I remember taking out my penis to urinate and just being astounded! The urine just flowing out of myself was extremely trippy! I just stood there laughing. I had probably done this same actions thousands of times since I was born, yet had never been so intrigued and amused at what was going on. I remember saying “Yo! You guys gotta see this shit!” Thinking back...I’m glad nobody came in.

I finished my duties, and came out all proud to realize everyone was looking at me and laughing. Apparently they were laughing at me because they heard my voice and thought I was talking to myself. I began to laugh as well since it occurred to me that I had just had a serious conversation with a room. Wow. What a night this had been.  At this point my high began to subside, and I was left with that familiar euphoric glow as I came back to reality.

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