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Second Trip at a friends....

good then bad

Last night i got alittle more than an eighth of shrooms probably like eighth and a half. we went to my girls friends and split them down the middle eat ate one until the bag was completely empty. These were completely different from the first time i ate boomers, i went to wal-mart and bought cigs and went to a party and was complelely fine, saw some colors and my car was breathing. Last night they kicked in almost 15-20 minutes after i ate them. My girl has never done them before and she had a great time.  She smokes so they were in the other room smoking a blunt and i was alone in this back room chain smoking seeing all types of wall fires, people behnd christmas trees, listening to pink floyd, and defiantly left my body to other places.  Needless to say i was enjoying myself, she came back there and we just talked and laughed uncontrollably for a couple hours then i started feeling really crazy, like i cried but i wasnt sad i just could not control my tears or my yawning, i swear i yawned atleast 40 times. All of the sudden my sub concious was telling me all this really bad stuff so we left that room and went into a bedroom where three non shroomers were at watching jackass and i would close my eyes and could only hear the word discusting and i couldnt close them again because i started thinking if you die in a vision you will stop breathing and die, so we left that room and went up into my girls friends room we all layed in bed and my girl started touching her and she touched me and we had this really trippy threesome but they fell asleep after and i couldnt get myself to sleep and suddenly i was alone just trippin balls. I went into a panic beause i thought i couldnt breath and had to sit up and ruin my trip because i was convincing myself to just focus on the breathing meanwhile these girls slept on shrooms which i think is impossible considering i was awake until 8am and had taken them at 10pm. assassins was on so i watched and continued to talk myself outta the trip and it actually worked i calmed down and just sat there all morning watching the same movie over and over just FREAKIN! over all i would say it was a good trip but the thing is i really felt like i could have died........another thing is if anyone could tell me what kind of boomers they were? they were gold on the top and had a round cap with a white and blue stem? j/w. this experiance was way more intense then the first because i know i couldnt have drove or went to any stores. INSANE AND PLAN ON DOING THIS AGAIN NEXT WEEKEND!!!

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