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Ok ill make this short as possible, yet detailed enough to give you a good idea of what the hell was going on.

Ok ill make this short as possible, yet detailed enough to give you a good idea of what the hell was going on.....I
took half a gram of shrooms, i didnt know what kind they were, and didnt give a damm, i just wanted to get fucked up...and boy did i get fucked up....this was my first time, and i have heard trip stories from freinds and stuff, but i still felt unprepared for what was to come, so anyway about half hour or so after eating the mushies, i started to wonder if i just wasted all my damm money, and jammed down some nasty shit down my throat for nothing....so i started thinking, and then my mind wandered off....BOOOOM!!!!!! thats when i suddenly realized that the shrooms were slowly creeping up on me....i felt chills going up my spine, and i felt kind of spacey, and exclaimed to my buddy who was with me, "DUDE! I FEEL IT!!! HOLY SHIT!!" then he asked me what does it feel like, and thats when i noticed his face looked...quite different, in a negative way...i didnt say anything though. So then we got up to walk around, my mind was so lost, i was walking faster than usual, unintentionally, and i noticed everything outside looked...weird, some bushes looked much more vivid, and "powerful", and the brick ground looked very odd, and the sky was beautiful, i was walking around like i was reborn or something, staring at things and people all wide eyed and stuff and i found myself filled with so much energy, and then we retreated to my house, where it was safe since the parents were gone for the night. the inside of my house looked different, as if i grew taller or shorter and got better eyesight, and i saw the designs on my couch was alive, and morphing or somehthing, and everysingle thing on tv was just hilarious, it seemed like every person looked funny as hell, and was doing the stupidest stuff, and my mind was having trouble processing what the hell my freind was saying, and i could hardly speak, but knowing that i was safe in my house, i felt no restrictions on my behavior, and started acting like a lunatic who escaped from a mental institution, i was bouncing off the walls basically, while trying to express that i just found out what the coolest mind altering substance was on this earth. then this is what blew me away....only fifteen minutes had passed!!!!!
i stared at the tall grandfather clock...thinking it must be wrong...but all the clocks in the house had the same time...i stared at that clock like i never saw a clock before, i just couldnt believe what had seemed like hours had been 15 minutes, then i realized that means this is only the beginning of the trip, i thought to myself....WHOA DAMMM...then i decided to smoke a ciggarette, and i was asking myself, stupid questions that seemed trivial at the time, where the the paper on the cigg come from? where does wind come from? it was like i couldnt figure anything out at all....i spent a lot of the trip just tryin to figure "IT" out, whatever "IT" was, it was a mystery...the whole world was a big mystery, during the last stages of my trip, i decided to walk outside during the night, i seemed to sort of walk around confused and lost, trying to figure "IT" out, it was very very very strange the trees looked very brittle, and the grass looked plastic,...then i found out how to get to my house, which seemed like forever and eventually fell asleep at my house that night, WOW....shrooms are fuckin awesome!

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