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Second Time Tripping B+

Seeing Condensation

About a month ago..

I got my hands on 1/4 of some ok mushies, and called up a buddy of mine to drive on over to my house to hang out.  He arrived around 8:30 in evening.  We were both very eager to trip once again for our second time, but we wanted to wait till morning so the visuals would be much greater in daylight.  we grinded the mushrooms up into a fine powder so we could split them evenly to eachother.  once morning came (Around 5:00) we woke up and soaked the shroom dust in lemon juice, and did shots.  heres my trip experience...

5:00- we ingested the wonderful shroom dust lemon juice mixture
5:30- we felt it begin to kick inso we went outside

as soon as we walked outside both of our heads looked straight up into the September morning sky..
seeing that there were no clouds insight we both got trapped looking into the sky, that was glooming with thousands upon thousands of stars

6:00- we remembered we had to get to our trip destination... a bank on a huge lake with an interstate on the other side and a huge forest behind us..
its not a very clear description but thats about i can say to describe it to you, and to the people who have not felt the power of these little fungi would not understand.

6:30-We arrive at the neighbor hood playground and began to swing, lol
(For thos who do not get sick easily i suggest swinging, and when you swing make sure you have a tight grip and lean back all the way)
its fuckin nuts, so we were at the park swinging as the sun was coming up, and the colors were blowing our minds as we swung
after talking about how bad ass it was, we began walking to the lake

7:00- We reach the woods that lead to the lake, i remember cause i was checking my phone for time... (bad idea) future trip note for those who enjoy nature... turn off all electronics, its a total buzzkill for some reason.  this is when we reached our peak. we were sitting on a log, lol cause we got lost in the woods, after about 10 mins i got up and walked around. we both had ipods in.. Turn off all electronics but your ipod ofcourse,lol. so he was lost in the visuals as i left him on the log.. i began my epic adventure into the woods..

i walked for what seemed for hours and i began saying "fuck time" to myself over and over again as i got tired and rested on a path upagainst a tree trunk. i found a little buddy in the leaves (a worm) and i put him in my hand. it was good sitting there watching this worm listening to "Dumb" by nirvana. every song felt like days and it was so cool that when a new song came on it felt like i was going to trip for another couple of days lol, its so hard to explain, after a couple of songs had gone by i forgot about the worm and when i felt it move in my hand this sensation of what felt like a billion worms all over my body hit me.. i threw his nasty ass into the woods and jumped up fast as i could. i forgot about my friend. i began to go search for him. i knew the woods well but he had never been there before. i walked and walked, ran and ran never got tired and was never out of breathe it was fun, i came bursting out of the woods running off trails, and i found him laying by the lake looking at the clouds. i joined him.. laying there for atleast 2 hours i was lost in the clouds, everything i thought of seemed to appear and it felt like they were going to an exact spot in the sky. they all went to the same place, and idk if any one else has experienced this but i seen clouds forming and condensing.. wierd right.. we eventually got back home after walking past all the houses in the neighbor hood that were all yellow, like a cream yellow. it was bad ass and im excited to feel this again, after calming down and re-ntering real life. we discussed our trip experience. i guess when i left him he felt alone and scarred and began to have a bad trip and was throwing up on a pile of leaves that in some places looked like dead cut up body parts and other wierd shit.. i dont really remember what exactly he said but yea... i hope this story was a good one to hear about and hopefully in the next month or so i have a couple more, that are more detailed for the shroom family next time

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