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Never the same...

This was my second time doing mushrooms.

This was my second time doing mushrooms. My first time I only took half of an 8th and I really wanted to trip harder. So me and three of my best friends packed up and went camping for the weekend. We all ate our 8th of shrooms at around 11 am and headed for the woods. Our original plan was to go on a 3 mile hike to the top of this mountain, we were quickly side tracked about 20 minutes into it. It started out as a normal trip for me and my friends. Everyone was talking about the trees and rocks. I was having mild visuals of the clouds, they seemed to be so close that I could touch them. Then this is where the wierd thing happened. I must of had a song in my head and I started to drum along with it using this bottle and cap to drum with. As I was doing this my good friend looked over at me and told me to stop. When he looked at me, he didn't look like the guy I've known for years, he looked like an entirely different person. And for some reason he HATED the druming. Well, I thought it was rediculous for him to hate the drumming so I kept it up. He soon became furiated with me and ran to me to try and take my bottle away. I soon saw how upset this made him and stopped. Every now and then I'd do a little tap, and then when he'd look at me I'd look away like I wasn't doing anything. I did this for a few minutes and stopped. But he still kept looking at me like he was someone else, like we were someone else. All of the sudden this strange feeling of knowing him in another life swept over me and that was all I could think of. I had it in my head that we were enemies in another life. Well he kept giving me the evil eye and kept saying "stop it I know what your doing". Keep in mind I had stopped the tapping long ago. Everyone by now had told him to shut up cuz they knew I had stopped. Well when I told him I wasn't doing anything he tried to shake it of for a while. All my friends were bonding in the field, hugging saying how much they loved each other and stuff like that. So I went and layed down next to him and asked him if he was feeling something between us. For some reason I'd pull him closer every now and then, why I'm not sure. He would quickly pull away as if he hated me (and I have been really good friends with this guys for like 7 years). I thought I was just bonding with him like everyone else was. Well I kept asking him if he was feeling a strange connection to me and I think he agreed. I told him of my past life theory and he asked me if I thought we were close in that life. I told him I thought we were friends but not good friends like we are now. So I went to give him a hug or maybe not even that, but he quickly jumped up and ran away from me. The rest of the trip consisted of him looking at me every other minute like I was fucking with him. He looked so mean, this wasn't my friend this was someone else. Well, I later found out that night that he thought I was saying we were gay. When he told me this my jaw dropped and I felt so bad. Everything I said and did seemed so horrible if thats what he was thinking. The only thought in my mind was that I knew him before in another life. Well, now I know why he ran from me and looked like he hated me. Well, things still aren't the same between us and I'm not sure if they ever will be. I'm still not sure if he thinks I'm gay deep down, I hope not. Either way it was one of the most creepy experiences of my life.

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