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First Trip 1/8

Out of body experience

Ok so i had been wanting to try mushrooms for a while, but just couldn't decide if i was ready. i had several friends who have all tripped a few times so one of them eventually talked me into doing it. Looking back on everything I wish that I had come across this site before I had my experience because i had no idea about the do's and dont's of everything and to be quite honest, i didn't have a clue what to expect. i had talked to people who have done it before and knew about different visuals and stuff like that, but deep down i didn't have a clue what was going to happen. Which actually was a bad thing. I had gone into my trip with the wrong mindset, a negative one. Anyways...i was visiting a friend in Morgantown, WV and my friend's plan was to eat an 1/8 each and then go see the movie "Where the wild things are." We had about a 10 minute walk to the movie theatre so once we began our walk he pulled out two bags of some good looking caps and stems and told me to grub down.  My bag had 3.4 and his was 3.5. I quickly downed everything in the bag, which actually didn't taste as bad as i thought they would. The worst part was just the texture. By the time I sat down in my seat at the theatre I was about 20 minutes in and was beginning to get a nice body high.  I was laughing at every little thing too, everything was just so funny.  I was keeping track of time as best as i could in the beginning and at right about the hour mark i started gettin quick flashes of the feeling you get when you're dropping on a roller coaster. I started gettin a little bit scared that what was about to happen next would be too intense, but i eventually got myself chilled out and relaxed. it wasn't long after that that i began noticing that the walls on both sides of the theatre were breathing in and out so smoothly. it literally looked as if they were expanding out and filling up with air. (I was paying absolutely no attention to the movie) I then looked at the exit lamp that was hangin on the wall. As i stared at it for a second it began splitting in half and then going back together. It would split it in half and the two halves would spin around and then stop and pop back together. i remember thinking "wow i am really trippin the fuck out right now" I was having some good visuals, and i was still really calm, everything was going good so far. So after a few hours of being lost in the theatre i realizethat the movie is over and it's time to leave. My friend and I decided to go to the bathroom cause we both needed to piss, ( i actually didn't need to piss i just didn't want to be alone ) So we walked into the lobby to find about 50 standing in there talking about movies that they have just seen or were about to see and i began to get really paranoid for some reason. I was just afraid that i was gonna start geekin out in front of abunch of people in a public place and stuff. So we went in the bathroom and when i opened up the door the tile was black and white checkers...i looked down the entire length of the bathroom which was long enough to hold about eight stalls, and the floor just began to stretch for what looked like miles and miles. It would jumble up together and look like abunch of hills and then stretch way far out again. i stood there for i don't even know how long looking at the floor in amazement. My friend then grabbed me and said it was time to bounce. Since we had walked to the movies we had no ride back until my friend spotted a young couple he knew from some Outdoor Adventure Club or something like that. The two people looked like the perfect little hippie couple and seemed cool so i wasn't too worried about it, although it was sketchy jumpin in a car with a couple random people i had never seen before.
                   One thing that made everything about this trip so crazy was that i had never been to morgantown before so everything i was seeing was for the first time. i had no clue where i was where anything was so it made everyhting really random. We didn't tell the hippie couple that we were midway through a trip, although the next day my friend said he wished he would have told them. The whole car ride i was just staring at my phone, watching letters from text msgs and other stuff rise up off the screen and spin around. i was so intrigued....The people giving us a ride probly thought i was some sort of asshole because they kept asking me questions and i wouldn't respond until my friend nudged me and woke me up from dreamland. But they dropped us off at another guys apartment that we were both friends with. When we walked in the front door there were probly 30 people there, all of which i knew and hadn't seen in around 5 or 6 months. So when i walked in i was bombarded by all kinds of my drunk friends getting hugged and punched and high fived and everything...no one knowing what was going on in my head. my friend andrew and I were the only people in the whole place on shrooms. So we ended up going into my friends bedroom to smoke some headies. After a couple bong rips i could really the feel bud affect my body. I remember sittin on his bed lookin at a biggie smalls poster that was was black and white and it looked as if it was just melting down part of the wall. I felt myself have the urge to pee so i decided to go out into the main area of the apartment to where the bathroom was. i was still trippin pretty bad but i was completely functional when i left the room but for some reason when i made it to the outside of the bathroom door i just had the craziest feeling come over my body and i passed out. The last thing i remember is looking from above everyone watchin everyone rushin over and bendin down to pick me up. I could see myself just layin there on the floor, i remember the exact jacket i had on and every single little detail.  I then got up very calmly and stood up but for the first proably minute of me standing up i couldn't hear a single sound. it was like my hearing was completely cut off or put on mute for a minute. it was strange. after about a minute my hearing faded back in and i was standing with a group of about 4 people standin around me. All of which were my friends that I knew pretty well a few of whom have tripped several times. After I came to i was told that my face was bleeding from where I had fallen. I had a gnarley carpet burn to the left of my left eye that looked like i had gotten punched. I was so paranoid once i was awake though, i became extremely worried and panicked for no reason at all. I started thinking some of the craziest thoughts about God and death and if I my brain would be ruined beacause I had chosen to eat mushrooms and just all kinds of stuff. I literall wanted to kill myself cause it was  d drivin me so insane. My friends all did a good job of chillen me out though, they all acted really chill as if it was no big deal and that the fall wasn't that bad. Someone put on some chill music and started passin the bong well i just kinda relaxed and calmed down. After that everything was chill I hung out until it got late and i was ready to pass out. The next day i felt fine although i was still a little depressed mentally just from everything. Panicking and being as scared and stressed as I was, was so mentally exhausting.
                     Looking back on seeing myself laying there on the ground is something that I will never forget. I remember thinking that I had died right there on the spot from a heart attack or something and that and now i was just hovering above my body as a spirit or some shit watching everyone find out that I had died. It was the most mind boggling experience I have ever had. It felt like I had been watchin myself lay there for like 10 minutes but  in the following days while I talked to my friends who saw it I was told that I was only on the ground for a few seconds. The only few people who saw it said that they thought i just tripped and fell because of how quick i got back up after I had been down. My concept on time was just so warped and twisted it threw me off so bad. I didn't even realize exactly what had happened with the out of body experience until days afterwards when I was just thinking about everything that had happened. Also for some reason it all seemed so scary to me. For several weeks afterwards anytime I'd think about everything that happened i would get kinda freaked out or upset.  The big scrap right beside my eye left a scar that i see everytime i look in the mirror. Its a constant reminder of the mighty magic mushies.
                 So conclusion...I decided to start researching facts and stuff about mushrooms and tripping and everything and found this site. I read all kinds of things like tips on good trips and what not to do. Everything that it said not to do i had done that night. Not had my night planned out, not been mentally prepared, I was around drunk people, i was around people i didn't know, i was in a public place...there were so many factors that went into it. When I talk about my trip with people i do consider it a bad trip, but i don't regret the experience. When you trip it opens op doors in your mind that you are unable to open on your own, allowing you to go places and feel sensations and think thoughts that are just on a different level. In more ways than one my entire aspect on things such as life and the world and how i think as a person have been changed.  I plan on getting infected again with a more positive outcome in the near future.

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