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first time on some hand picked libs - 8g-10g

to helll and back again...

Over the last few weeks the lads an i have been shroom picking for non other than the liberty cap. Though very easily found in england.... we never thought to look... well we found thousands of the little beauties.... My mates all took em on a wednesday night..took about 1-2 grams each and all seemed to bwe having a rather nice level 1/2 trip. There after 2 of my mates ended up in the house the shrooms were being stored and ate about 3 a4 sheets (that they were drying out on) .. the experiance they explained the next day was like nothing id ever seen before...total disconnection of concsiousness with reality....described it as no longer being a living being but something else :D ..... they had a a great time it seemed. When friday came it was my turn to take them ... seeing as i had work on thursday i thought it best not to partake in the trip. noone was in, all my mates were out ad this is when i proceded to eat the caps by the handful... by the time y first mate arrived at about 4.30 id eaten about 4g and was tripping pretty nicely.... surroundings breathing and truelly enhanced colours all  around... my mate thought it best for him to join in and had 4g for himself... he only felt mild effects as he had taken aload  couple of nights before... soi  followed suit and ate atleast another 4g...biig mistake... i proceded to melty and solve the many different meanings of life.. i was fine with this.. until i was sat in my mates house after a massive blunt and seeing as i hadnt eaten to drank much that day my body decided to turn into a gaseous state...it was at this point i began to whitey .... not knowing i was whitying as i was not conneceted to my body in any way really i thought this feelinh was my conciousness leaving this plane forever and thats when a major bad trip came on (about 10pm)  i thought i was gone...that was it... numb body... i began feeling like a corpse.... truelly terrifying... i went from feeling the greatest id ever felt to the most terrified ive ever been in 5 hours.... i tried to understand what i was feeling but obviously to no prevail.. so i walked/got carried home with my mates and lay in my room and gave up...i was ready for hell to swallow me up.. and it did! the floor craxked open and a burning light shone through and all i heard was screams ......

Definitely not taking that many again in those conditions... note to self :-eat food, drink water dont smoke a blunt! and take shrooms with more than just 1/2 people....

North Spore
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