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How I decided to become Buddha

Holloween with the house to myself

The month is October, it is my first year outside of highschool, and it dawns on me that i should do shrooms again.

Some back story for those of you who anrent me:
Shortly after i graduated my best friend (Sid) and i tried shrooms for the first time at his house (no parents for the weekend) which is outside of town on a hill surrounded by trees. if it werent for Sid's older brother supplying us with his secret stash of shrooms SId and i would have been stuck splitting 2 grams of very impotent locally picked mushrooms that, thanks to luck we got for free.
So we tripped at his house blasting Led Zeppelin, smoking REALLY good cigars, shooting BB guns off his 2nd story deck. and it was AWESOME!!

after that Sid bailed on our road trip to stay in town and party his ass off (not inviting me to most of it), get wasted and do drugs. He wound up doing a drug called DMT and had a very bad trip and he's never been the same since. He once told me that he sometimes couldnt sleep because he felt like he could feel his brains running down his forehead. needless to say I had trouble sleeping after that.

So in October i started thinking about doing shrooms again. It turned out that my parents would be going on a trip for a couple of days and i would have the house to myself, my brother, and my dogs. So i asked around and found a dealer and bought 14 grams, 2 of which were givin to Sid's brother as thanks for the shrooms he gave us.
So the day before holloween Sid, my friend Ace and I devide up the mushrooms with my brother Chris as a sober sitter.
Ace only had half of his, but started tripping immediately. Sid, on the other had had all of his at once.
Long story short we wound up at the playground near my house, Ace lying on the ground feeling the earth breathe, me observing everything becoming more vibrant, and Sid starting to pace back and forth. he came up to me and told me i didnt look like me. i looked like a spore creature. (referance to the PC game) This i knew was a warning sign. Sid had told me that when he was tripping on DMT his brother had looked like a spore creature. But he was enjoying himself, and so was i as things became trippier and trippier.
We went back to my house and Sid started to get worse. he was pacing, he tried to focus on things to take his mind off tripping but couldnt, television made things even worse. finally he grabbed his guitar and went outside and was okay for awhile.
THATS when it hit me. Ace was lying face down on the floor watching patterns in the carpet swirl. (the carpet in my house doesnt have any patterns) i saw it too. there were spirals in the carpet that swirled and rose up and down and swam.
I went outside and sat on my bench and the moss on the pavement was swirling. All the plants were alive. I mean to say that they were aware. The trees and plants were interacting in their way of interacting (which isnt anything like our way of interacting), and i became one with everything.

I have a shi tsu. His name is PIBs which stands for Pain In the Butt, which indeed he is. After we got him we tryed to return him because he was stubborn, mean and bossy. but they REFUSED to take him back. PIBs is my best friend, since i myself am stubborn, mean and bossy. He growls and snarls if you try to pick him up. he growls and snarls if he doesnt like you. he growls and snarls if you sit too close. he growls and snarls if you look at him wrong.
This of course amuses the fuck out of me. Sometimes i will pick him up, carry him to my chair (growling and snarling) and sit down and let him go. he'll return to his spot. I'll wait awhile and pick him up again, growling, snarling, and barring his teeth. i'll repeat this, each time the dog getting angrier and angrier until i grow bored.
Now i looked at PIBs and thought "he looks hungry"
So i got the food bowls and the food can and sat down and fed the dogs.
I thought "why on earth am i feeding them dogfood? i dont even know what it is? imagine eating that every meal of your life?"
I then raided my fridge and freezer looking for food suitable for a dog, which at the time in my mind was pita bread and applesauce.

Sid started to get worse, and my brother took him for a walk. after watching the plants for awhile, and after Ace realized that he did, in fact, have arms and legs, we followed.
Sid continued to get worse. Ace called it "alarms" and we decided Sid should go home.
We called and Facebooked everyone we could think of who could drive. I have a car, but i was tripping and respected my fellows wishes that i not drive, my brother being younger and not knowing how.
We reached a dead end and the visuals had stopped. I was becoming frustrated with Sid's "alarms" and was certain that i could fix him. The problem was that he no longer knew where he was, who he was, who i was, or even that he had done shrooms. he quite simply was trying to figure out what was going on and didnt know how. Actually it was more complicated than that.
It had to do with Sid's DMT experiance, and Sid is well... not mentally sound. that is to say that he loses his grip on reality sometimes. I was not aware of this at the time, although i had begun to have my suspicions.
After battering him with questions, i noticed that he responded better when HE asked the questions.
So we made a game of it.
He'd ask a question and I'd answer.
after we established that he was Sid, he was at Chucks house, I was Chuck, he was tripping on mushrooms and yes this would go away with time he started to feel better. and we continued the game.
The rest of the night was much better and i think we helped Sid deal with the DMT thing a little.
Sid got really drunk and had a great time.
he spent 45 minutes rolling what he called a crocodile which was a lumpy poorly rolled extra long, oddly phalic spliff which i must tell you was absolutley genius and probably the greatest thing ive ever smoked ever.
We went for a walk and smoked Betty the crocodile.

The End

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