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Level 5: Nothing Makes Sense

2 kinds of cubensis. Ultra-potent.

So last sunday i got back from a trip (in the 'straight' meaning) at 4am and decided to make mushroom tea with a very small amount of dried colombian shrooms i got from my trip (i would say less than 1.5g). So i crushed them first and threw them in hot water for 20min, with a tea bag. After 20min, i took the residus out and drank my tea. While drinking my tea, i decided to eat 2 medium Golden Teacher fresh shrooms from my cultivation operation. They were about 13g weighted together. So this is what i wrote WHILE i was tripping. I thought many people would find this very interesting.


"im experiencing something very different from yesterday.
i can't focus on a single thing. im kinda feeling sick. i think that's whats weird.
i kinda feel like im in fear and loathing in las vegas.
i dont know why but i feel VERY tired.  

this feels like a dream. 



i feel like i'm crazy. nothing makes sense anymore. i think i'm insane. 

im not even sure if scientific facts are real anymore. i dont understand anything.

am i crazy or am i just tripping. when i say NOTHING makes sense, i really mean it. 
im going paranoid. 

am i in a movie? 
i have magic. i can fly. 
I'm in the bathroom right now. I just came out of the mirror. I discovered this new trick: i seem to be able to go in and out of mirrors. I can open windows without even touching them as well. Walk on walls and on the ceiling. 

but yet i keep forgetting what im doing. boris (my cat) is going crazy too. For some reason i'm soo afraid of him. He scares me.

why are the paintings moving? wait there are no paintings. 
everything is sooo different. i don't understand a thing. i might be possessed. 

it's been 3hours and 30 minutes.  

i can travel back and forth in time.
The only thing i'm worried about is my mental sanity. Am i ever gonna be sane again? Will i ever come out of this trip?"

So here's only a small 'live' description of my trip. This was the STRONGEST/HARDEST trip i ever went on. This was most probably a Level 5 trip. I lost control of myself in the trip and as i wrote in my report: "nothing made sense" anymore. I was very scared towards the end, and i didnt have anything to smoke (weed) to calm me down. I'm pretty sure that in my situation, weed would have helped a lot to relax. But that might only be my reaction with the 2 kinds of mushrooms.
I hope this was helpful and enjoyable!

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