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My story: first time shrooming, bad and good

Pros and Cons of my trip

It all started when i purchased an eighth of shrooms from a friend at work. The bag looked good and i was excited to shroom the upcoming weekend. The next day at work i talked to my buddies who also bought shrooms from the same person, they warned me that they both had experienced bad trips and that the shrooms were just bad. I was determined to still shroom because i paid 30 dollars for them, so their warnings did not stop me. 

It  was thanksgiving day and after i spent time with my family my buddy texted me and asked me to shroom tonight, i thought about work which was 3 pm the following day so i agreed to do them that night. My friend picked me up and we went to wawa to purchase orange juice. Excited, we raced home to his house and measured the bag of shrooms i bought. It came to 3.5 grams which was legit and so we divoted them up 1.7 grams for each of us. I had a bag of 2 medium sized caps, and 3 large stems, while my buddy had mostly small caps/stems and some "shake". We poured cups of orange juice and we cheered before we started eating the shrooms. My friend had done this before so it didnt take him long to eat his. I had some trouble, taking me about 5-10 mins to eat them all as i bit the stale and bitter mushrooms and chugged my cup of orange juice after each bite. It was 9:00 pm when we finished. After we finished i talked a while about shrooms and the knowledge i knew. Realizing it took 30 mins-1 hr for our bodies to digest the shrooms and hence start tripping, my buddy and i took weed and a bowl and went down to a gazebo near his house to smoke some weed and cigarettes. The weed calmed me down and made me feel less sick. about 15 mins after we took them i began this strong euphoria feeling in in the back of my neck and head that was stronger than a weed high. I started telling my friend but he wasnt feeling anything considering he weighs 15 more pounds than me. I became extremely giggly to stupid jokes my friend was saying.  I started to grow excited from what was about to come thinking this was the beginning stage of my "come on". At 9:35 we left the gazebo and went back to my buddies basement and sat down. We popped alice in wonder land in his 360 and began to watch. Almost immediately i began to crack up even more and kept saying WTF is this shit over and over to my friend. Soon i started to feel the control of my body disapear, as i watched the movie i started seeing patterns, colors, and sounds that were unusual. We finished the whole movie when i didnt even realize that we had watched it, i couldnt remember many of the parts. Soon after we decided to go back out and smoke more weed and cigarettes. At this point it was around 10 o clock 11 but it seemed like time didnt matter in this new mind i was in. As we smoked weed and cigarettes and walked back down the street i noticed many things. I looked down at the ground and saw purple and red small patterns in the concrete, i couldnt feel myself in control of my hands that were resting in my sweatshirt pockets. I looked at the cigarette i was smoking and noticed it was blury and clear looking. When i took a hit and put it back to my side i would still see the cigarettes right near my mouth. I looked at my buddy and he had red laser pointers all over his sweat shirt that appeared to be moving. When we got to the gazebo i was in major trip mode. My view was blury things seemed different and colors were distorted. We decided to head for a "nature walk" into the woods. As we walked to the woods i completely lost control of time and couldnt feel myself in reality i felt like a zombie just going through motions as my mind wandered. As we got near a path to the woods i saw tree branches swirling and moving towards me. At one point i even said "hi" to the tree branch because it looked friendly. As i walked on grass i felt as if it were a swamp or water. As we got more and more in the woods i felt as if i was walking into branches and thorns but i was on a clear path. We got near a river my friend called it and i asked him what a river was. As we stood still something unbearable came over me. I looked at my friend as he stood there with the bowl and i felt horrible. I asked him where we were numerous times and he said "were home" which freaked me out. I started hyper ventilating and i felt extremely sick. I bent over and dry threw up, only to vommit more about 4 times. The vommit appeared to be orange juice and candy which i ate earlier and i knew the shrooms were already digested. However after i threw up i just wanted to go to his house but i didnt know why i did, i didnt feel tired/hungry/thirsty or anything i just wanted to get to his house where i knew it was safe. We walked back home and everything i once saw was gone, me throwing up i believe caused me to fuck up the happiness in my mind which killed the trip. After we got home i sat, restless, and wondering what i was gonna do next. I questioned many things about life. I told my self: "i dont need to eat, drink, shit, sleep, piss" ever again. "time doesnt matter, life doesnt matter, work doesnt matter, my family, friends, my memories, none of it matters. i became depressed with that thinking and by this time it was 1 am. I eventually fell asleep after 20 mins of having my eyes shut. In the morning i felt much better but at the same time remembered the good parts and bad parts of my trip.

Explanation: The shrooms could have been bad, which caused me to throwup however i believe all the orange juice caused me to be sick. I didnt remember every hour that night after each hour i couldnt remember what happened but i continued to trip more. I saw amazing stuff however me throwing up caused me to be depressed over the shrooms. 

I give the trip a B+ the first 3 hrs i felt extremely good, saw great things, had a great time, the 4th hour however, i threw up and didnt see anymore hallucinations and felt like shit. If anyone can maybe explain why i got sick or why i felt depressed please let me know in a private message. Thanks for reading about my trip.

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