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Shrooms and drinking

1st time

So i went to this party where some of my friends were all drinking and getting high, as soon as i get there i go to the bathroom and take my 8th of shrooms plain. After i was getting high and felt it quick. I sat in the kitchen and said "if im puking itll be on this nylon floor".  i sold the rest of the shrooms to whoever wanted to by them. Then i muched on some weed cookies and decide to drink. (dunno if that fucked up everything?)  Once i knew the shrooms were kicking in id be looking and thered be vibration waves around what i would see. this happened not for too long. I sat in a rocking chair where one of my friends started playing this trippy Zelda music on his ipod and rocking the chair. This made me scared and a little happy i guess. I then remeber being outside (this was in the winter at night) and i sat on a bench, and there was a wreath by me and it wasent really bright enough to see well and for a while i kept thinking it was a folded black and white suit. At this party there was many people i liked and knew and many people i didn't. They were scattered in groups around the house sometimes. Me and my friend were having fun throwing snow balls at the light up santa until it fell over in half. Outside felt the best for me i didnt want to be by people inside for some reason. But when we were gettin too cold we went back inside. Right when we went in the trip was getting bad. There were people eating body parts candy. So i went off to the bathroom cus i thought id puke. I didnt i just ended up lookeing into the toilet for a while. But then i came back out my trip was getting outta control from what i remeberi thought i was seeing blood in my vision i thought people were running all around this house. It felt like a 5 min walk to the kitchen which was like 20 ft. When i sat down in the kitchen the same place i said i would puke i puked the smelliest, biggest, nasty looking puke ever! I perty much ended the party cus it really smelled bad, but my friends looked to getting it cleaned up. Some of my other friends said i should leave to i spent the night at their place where i was dropped down a hill of snow to the back entrance and carried inside to a couch to lay on. 
When i felt i was getting back to normal and i knew what was going on i thought i could hear my mom which was really my friend and i kept thinking i was busted for something. everything in my head was going crazy and for some reason my friends were trying to get me to drink milk. (idk if its suppose to slow trip or What?) But i realized i was out of that crazy trip and was back in my normal world so i tried going back to sleep but just kept having the urge to make weird sounds.     

Later i was told i kept avoiding people, I drank alot, (which to me i didnt think i did at all but might not remember all of it) and I supposedly stared out a window standing for an hour, and wrote POOP in big letters on the back fogged window when i was going to my friends to stay the night.

And i was told it was a very bad idea to drink on shrooms.

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