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First time + 4 g of Cubensis. Wow!

I tripped freakin' bawls.

Before The Trip:

So I'm going to lay this out for you. My buddy Ian, had been telling me so much about shrooms and how awesome it is and all the effects it as and it really just got my interest. I had never done any drugs prior at all. I had drank here and there but that's it. His girlfriend, katie was also interested in doing it.
So, on the beautiful warm Saturday of August 22nd, 2009, we tripped our balls off.
We went downtown and was able to get hooked up with 3/8ths of Cubensis. (One for each of us of course!)
By the time we got the shrooms, it was about 3:30pm or so and we wanted to trip soon. So we rushed over to the park. (Known as PGE Park and is a very green and very large park. Perfect place to shroom) Also, the caps we got were very large! About the size of a fifty cent coin!

The consuming:
We got the park and found a nice little place to eat the guys right in this brush away from people.
my buddy Ian is a veteran at shrooming. He's done it about 7-8 times prior to this trip. He divided up the stems and caps for me and Katie to eat as well as himself. He told me we need to space 'em out so we ate a little bit and then walked over to the safeway to get some drinkage.
We started consuming these mushrooms at exactly 4:13pm.
By the time we got back to the same spot, me and Katie were talking about how excited we were that it was in our system and we were goign to trip so hard. We started eating the rest of the mushrooms when suddenly I started laughing uncontrollably. I was laughing so hard and I couldn't figure out why. There was nothing funny at all but I was cracking up. At this point in time I had my sunglasses on and I took them off. Katie and Ian both started laughing when they saw my pupils were as big as pennies. This only made me lol more. I consumed more and so did they. After all my 4 grams were done being eaten (This is about 4:28 or so) I got hit with the biggest wave of Nausia I'd ever experienced in my life. Not feelin' so hot, Katie and Ian finished off the rest of the 2/8ths between them and we went and sat down at the park bench about 30 feet away.

The Trip:
Sitting on the bench with Ian next to me on the left and Katie next to him, things started to go hay wire. Or so it felt.
The Nausia was bad and Ian was telling me how much it sucked to considering we were all dealing with it.
I wanted to vomit so bad. The Psilocybn kicking in was insane. It felt like I was shifting into another dimension. My whole body felt uncomfortable and I felt extremely drunk. The thought of getting up and walking sounded impossible. sound and visuals start to distory slightly.
I looked down at the ground holding my 7up as the ground started to morph with the designs. Whoah. This is starting to kick in.
Katie didn't have such a good time. She started seeing a lot of black and was saying she thinks she's going to die.
I thought to myself "I just ingested a lot of poison... I could die... But I'll be fine, It's kicking in" Although I thought at times going to the hospital might be nice.
It's that thought that kept me sane and having a good trip and nothing negative. Katie was having a bad time at this point. she wanted to cry but she couldn't. Her body physically wouldn't let her. Ian was getting extremely worried trying to convince her she was not going to die and that she didn't ever have to do this again and that it's just got to work its way through. I remember it plain as day. At this point I don't remember exactly what happened but I remember all of a sudden my bladder screamed I had to go. There was a point where Ian and Katie both stood up and Katie saying "Whoah! I feel like I'm so light. LIke a feather!" I stood up as well and she was right. It's like our minds had just detached from our bodies and it was just light weight.  I didn't know where the nearest bathroom was so I told Ian "I gotta go pee bad" and so we foudn the nearest bathroom about 50 feet away. I went right in and did my duty and afterwards, I looked int he mirror. Took my glasses off and saw that my pupils were insanely dialated. I was shocked. at this point, I looked down at my hand to be blown away:
My hand was the most 4D I had ever seen in my life. The background was blurred and extremely far away and my hand was just right there. Very 4D. I could almost see as if my skin was semi-transparent. I started hearing whispering. Like demonic whispering. You know, the kind of whispering Frodo heard everytime he touched the ring in LOTR. The exact same kind. It freaked me out so I got out of that very dim litted cement bathroom.
Back outside I told Ian the Nausia was subsiding and I was feeling better.
We plopped down right on another bench and just started enjoying ourselves. My glasses were back on because I didn't want people to see us tripping.
I told Ian and Katie "Lets try listenign to music now that we're tripping and I pulled out my Zune and started blasting one of my favorite songs. Only thing is, I couldn't focus on it. as hard as I tried. My mind and ears were to focused on everythign else around me. it felt like I had an extreme form of ADD. The music was there but my mind was on a level above the music. I could hear past it like it was in the distance. It's hard to explain but I turned it off after about 2 min because of this.
I remember telling Ian "Dude this is Insane, I'm tripping" and him responding "This is nothing, just wait 45 min. from now and you'll be peaking balls hard" I didn't think I could handle anymore. This was already extremely intense for me, but I was enjoying it.
Katie was still freakin' out a bit and she also vomited. She wasn't having the best time of her life during this part. She felt sick and thought it was the end for her. She just wanted to lay down and go to sleep. Meanwhile, I was trippin hard. This is where the HEAVY visuals came in:
I remember looking at the waterfall that was a little aways from me and it gleamed blue, purple and red in the sunlight. The bricks on the building shining a red light. and the trees moving in color gradiently from light green to dark green. It was so insane. I looked down at the grass behind me and I remember seeing it intwind with eachother and contort. I remember telling Ian about it as I was watching it and he just agreed that it was indeed crazy and that you do see those kinds of things.
Out of nowhere, some dude comes over to us, trippin' on something but it wasn't good. We could feel his negative energy on us and we didn't like it. He singled Ian out and asked him in a very mumbled way if he wanted to do any crack, cocaine or drugs. Ian told him politely we were already tripping. He asked are you sure and he agreed. After that he cleary spoke "I hope she feels better" as katie was puking when he walked over.
What's weird is Ian tells me about when he singled him it out, it was like this entity putting all its energy onto him and its like he couldn't even move. It's crazy how you can sense the energy and aura of people when you're trippin'.
Now Katie wasn't doing good at this point and it was now that Ian suggested she get up and we walk somehwere. anywhere to get the poison moving through the system. I remembe lookin' dead straight at her face and it was so pale and her eyes were sunk back in her head. all around her eyes were black. It was very evil. Gave me the chills. It was demonic. This was real.
We started walking down towards the beach through the town. Katie puked again walking but this is the part I don't remember much of.
There was a point where we got to a intersection and looking at all the cars, they all looked glossy and laminated. I was like "Wtf?"
I remember seeing the red hand for the walk sign and like an ephiphany: I realized that red and orange were two seperate entities that when they came together, they made an entirely new entity. I mean yeah, they're just colors mixed but I realized it's more than that and the colors had aspects tot hem. It was just that color but it glowed and burned like i had never noticed before. Crazy shit!

Now I don't really remember the walk down to the beach. but when we go there, wow. We walked through the grass to get through it and Katie thought she stepped in some bird crap. (She was feelin' a lot better now, this is where she gets really good feelin') and we sat down on this log on the shore.
I I remember looking down into the sand and Oh. My. God. The deisgns and contortions of shapes and colors I saw were mind boggling. I couldn't look away. I could've watched it for hours. It was so... crazy.
We walked around in the sand for a while. I don't remember how long. I told Ian and katie we should sit down and we did. Ian was thankful because he wanted to sit. We then sat on a different log. I don't remember when or how. We started a conversation that made absolutely no sense.
the sentanced made no sence. Hell, I doubt we even spoke english, but in our minds it made perfect sense. I completely understood Ian and Katie and myself. Katie puked a third time and her vomit looked way cool. It was like bright bright orange and red. (not blood, it was brown but it was so vibrant it came off as red) When I looked at Ian's face, he had purple and dark red in his forehead, upper nose and upper cheeks while Katies face was just ghost white mostly. Very bright though, as her happiness came off as energy. Her eyes were like BRIGHT baby blue and ians eyes set off as way more darker and regular blue. Both very deep and vibrant. Eye colors are insane on shrooms!
This is about the time we peaked. Now, since it's august, the sun was right in the midst of setting. it wouldnt' be dark out til about 8 or so. we were still good on time. At this poitn I had lost all concept and care of time. I didn't know how long it had been, nor did I care. I thought about a lot of deep stuff but I don't remember it. it felt like my mind and body were two seperate entities. I didn't really care what happened to my body. I didn't care about a lot of stuff at that point in time. I was like whatever. I remember at one point, I asked Katie what time it was whens he responded "Time?... What is... time?" it seems that the shrooms took her concept of time away too. Several times Ian would pull out his phone and be like.. nah I'll text him later.
My auditory senses were through the roof. So much delay and reverb on everything. Sometimes it sounded like we were in a metal tunnel or something like that and other times things would echo a ton. it was different. I couldn't speak very much. It felt impossible to talk a lot. Katie wouldn't shut up. Nonstop talking. I was blown away at how much she talked it was insane. I couldn't feel around my mouth either. I remember moving my tounge around and it felt like my tounge was in an empty void of nothing. That was weird.
There was also a time where it was just me and katie sitting on the log together while Ian went off to use the bathroom. He'd only been gone for about 7 minutes but it felt like it had been hours since he left. Time was... skewed. It felt as if the past and future did not exist. The only thing that existed was now. And now was infinite. Time was infinite. The cold breeze from the ocean would roll in and I could feel my body cold and I knew I was cold but I did not shiver. It was weird. I didn't care. I knew my body was physically cold but I just didn't feel like keeping warm.
The water looked so dark blue and looking like a painting. the sky looked pretty normal except all the clouds looked like the same cloud. strange.
As our peak went down I remember walking through a different grassy area to get back home (This was baout 7:30) and noticing how green the grass was. It was insane. That was the most vibrant I've ever seen grass in my life. Wow. And that's all I can remember from my trip!

With my experience, The way to avoid a bad trip:
NEVER do psychadelics alone. Always with a friend or a few buddies
The enviroment can affect your trip majorly. Make sure you're in a comfortable enviroment with good lighting to avoid any bad thoughts.
Make sure 100% you want to do this. Any regrets or second thoughts while taking it can lead to fear, paranoia, and a bad trip possibly. Katie was having 2nd thoughts when she took it and which is why it caused her to see black and freak out.

I can't wait to have many more trips!

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