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second trip

hysterical laughter

      This was my second time doing shrooms and I have to say that it was quite an experience.  I tripped for the first time on Halloween this year and I've been wanting to do them ever since.  It was kind of spur the moment, my brother, our friend and I were talking about getting shrooms this past weekend but we weren't sure if we were going to be able to get them or not.  I found out on Saturday morning that we were indeed getting them on Sunday.  The following day we decided that we would split two eights between the three of us and another friend was going to join us, but he was gonna eat half an eighth.  We ate the shrooms at around 2 oclockand we waited.  My friend accidently dialed his aunt on the phone, an aunt who he hadnt talked to in a while and ended up talking to her for 30 minutes.  I was watching my brother play call of duty but we werent feeling anything yet.  Our other friend got there and we smoked a little reefer just to pass the time.  Two more kids came over but they werent tripping.  So we all decided to go outside to throw the football.
      At this point there are six of us outside throwin the football, four of us are tripping and two of us werent.  45 minutes had passes and my brother and I still didnt feel the effects of the shrooms.  I felt high from the weed but that was about it.  All of a sudden, I noticed that my friends eyes were abnormally blue.  Almost too blue.  It looked really cool so I knew the shrooms were kicking in.  It also felt really really good to be outside so I decided to lay on the grass.  For the next thirty minutes, we just sat outside enjoying the cool weather.  My friend informed us that he had a friend coming over who was also gonna do shrooms with us.  Right when he got there he shoveled his shrooms in his mouth and gave each of us a stalk.  The inside of the stalk was really blue and he said that they were pretty good shrooms.  We all went inside to watch a movie
     We decided to watch Jumanji, I mean you cant go wrong with that movie.  Instead of listening to the sound of the movie, we muted the tv and put on some shpongle on the surround sound.  This is when the shrooms really started to kick in.  I was sitting on the couch and my body got real tingly, almost as if I was hovering above my seat.  I then noticed that my depth perception was really distorted.  It felt like the tv was one foot away from me when it was really at least six feet.  I also had an amazing body high, it was much more intense than the first time I did shrooms.  It felt really awesome.  I tried to put my thoughts into words but I found out that I couldnt.  So many thoughts were racing through my mind that my words were all jumbled.  I guess everyone started to feel good then too because everyone just got up and went outside, just for the hell of it.  
      We went into the backyard just to bullshit and I realized that we were laughing at everything.  For a good fifteen minutes we were just cackling at stupid shit.  I noticed the next door neighbor was outside, it was getting pretty dark so we all decided to just go inside and not make ourselves look like jackasses in front of the neighbor.  Good decision.  We went back upstairs and decided to just listen to music.  For some reason, whenever someone tried to say something, one kid would start laughing hysterically for no reason.  This kid has a laugh that is really high pitched and he couldnt help it so it just made it funnier.  It started a chain reaction and everyone was laughing so hard that they were crying.  We laughed like this for a good thirty minutes.  We thought about it and we all agreed that it was the hardest we'd ever laughed in our entire lives, all about nothing.  I guess shrooms do that to you.  One kid who are the shrooms seemed like he turned into an eight year old child.  He was all over the place, he climbed up the deck to the second story and he even got up on the roof and sat on top of the house.  He was making us laugh though so no one minded.  Me and the kid with the contagious life went outside on the porch on the second floor and looked into the sky.  It was an overcast night and there were clouds in the sky that seemed to be floating really low.  I guess my depth perception was still really off because it seemed as if I could touch the clouds.  A couple of cars drove by while we were out there and I noticed that the tail rights were really really bright.  It amazed me how bright they were.  Then i realized how vibrant all the colors were.  Simply amazing. We were all through with our peaks of our trips so we decided to smoke some more to prolong our highs. 
      Overall it was a great trip.  Everyone had a good time and we all laughed our asses off throughout the night.  I cant remember the last time I was that happy.  I thought about it once the night was over, that the quality of your trip really depends on the setting.  The house we were in was perfect.  3 floors and a good sized yard and the only people that live there are three college kids.  There really was nothing to worry about.  The people I was with also made my trip.  A couple of the kids I had never met before but my brother and our good friend was there so it really was a good time.

I have some music that I think intensifies the trip, I'll list some for you guys to listen to next time you're shroomin.

divine moments of truth - shpongle
this was the song we listen to during jumanji.  anything by sphongle is good but this song seemed like it went perfectly with the movie at the time.

any song by pretty lights

feel the beat - darude

hydroponic garden - carbon based life forms

multiple songs by ratatat

dogs and echoes by pink floyd

the universal religion album - armin van buuren
all of these songs sort of melt together and its a really good trance album.  especially the first two songs, another day on the terrace and till the sky falls down

any techno song is pretty good too

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