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first timer and i loved it all

Before we get down to my story i would like to take a moment to inform the readers about a few things about my expirence with mushrooms. i would like to start by saying that during my time tripping on shrooms i was surrounded by 6 or 7 of my closest freinds which provided a confort zone for me and my other two friends who took shrooms with me. secondly i would like to mention that this was all of our first times indulging in the amazing drug shrooms. thirdly i would like to explain to you that we all took 2.5 grams of blue n white stemmed gold cap shrooms, pretty strong stuff. Which brings me to my next point, that being that i spent a good amount of time studying up on the drug which also does a long when it comes time to take mushrooms, basically the easy way to explain this is the more knowledge you have on shrooms the better off you are, the less afraid you are, overall your prepared n know what to expect n how to recognize whats good n bad. in all honest i used this site as a huge refrence and informitive guide before my expiriments.

now time to get to the good stuff

Me n my two buddies have wanted to do this for some time, and finally after trial and trepidation we got lucky and a friend of my hooked us up with a quarter of blue stem gold cap mushrooms. So we started off the night by taking a few shots of vodka, and smoked some kush. then when we were ready we all three took the mushrooms all about 2.5 each on some hot n ready pizzas. they went down fairly easy, although the taste was not the best we scarfed them down and moved right onto smoking out his bathroom (turn on the hot water n hot box a bathroom opens up your pours getting you way more fucked up then usual. so we do that for about 15 min, and come out and just chill n smoke a few more bowls. by this time me and my two buddies were feeling real spacey like and extremely high just chillen in the front room. the setting is nice, black light sweet colorful fluorescent sub-lime poster and a really cool Tesla coil in a plastic ball. As we just kind of chilled n talked with all our buddies while listening to the Beatles this is when i made the transfer from being really fucked up to starting to trip.

As we sat just admiring the cool ass Tesla coil electricity ball i started to really feel weird, and it appeared to me that the static electricity in the ball seemed to be very vibrant and it was almost like the tiny lighting bolts were jumping out of the ball. As i stared at the ball i started to see a lot of red colors around the room, like sort of blotchy in certain spots and this is when it dawned on me my trip had begun. we took the shrooms at 7 30 and about 8 30 is when this happened. it was apparent that my two other buddies trip were starting to began to because they both seemed to space out n act much different. now i forgot to explain that this trip seemed to go through stages when different abnormalities occurred. this one is where colors seemed to be much brighter n more appealing to the eye, for me it felt like the music playing was all around me, almost like it was engulfing me, which was an amazing feeling. this also was the stage where texture started to feel really cool, the couches felt good, the floor the cold breezes everything seemed to be heightened. this stage lasted close to an hour and i was like alright this is pretty cool im digging the feel good attitude n experience.

As time went (very slowly) the trip began to heighten when i started noticing that walls, faces and the ceiling started to become brandished with elaborate patterns and looked really cool and everything started to look warped and was really fun to look at and feel things this part of the trip was the most visually enhancing of the 6 hours. the walls look very curved and outside and indoors everything look so appealing an interesting, we spent the better part of a half hour starting at the electric ball playing with it and just over all enjoying what was happening watching colors and admiring patters all over the room was really fun and the music seemed to be much more appealing to me and it really was making the trip much more enjoyable. By this time a few other friends had showed up  and they were just kind of laughing at us tripping but it dident bother anyone it was fun and enjoyable, the only think is no one else was tripping besides us three so they weren't feeling the really calm trippy Beatles music, so they decided to change the music to rap, i believe eminem  or lil wayne, either way it hardly matters because this is where the transition from this stage to the next which i would consider the most intense part of  my trip.

As i sat there with all my friends i had no desire to listen to the music so i sat on the futon with two of my other friends who were high n drunk  and they were smoking cigarettes and i decided to do the same, and right here i was smoking and i was having a ball watching the smoke float out of my mouth it looked really cool blowing smoke rings and just chillen enjoying all the patterns n vibrant colors surrounding me. This is when i noticed that i could  take unusually large  hits from the cigs and the bongs we were smoking out of and for the life of me i could not figure why but i dident mind and i felt no pain n did not cough or anything. so as i sat there and chain smoked for about half hour i began to notice everything seem to be breathing, the lamp shade the couch and what i paid attention to the most my cig and the hot on the end. it appeared to be breathing and really washy looking. it was cool and i just chilled n watched the blinds roll like waves in the window. the breeze felt great and i hardly noticed the cold. so for whatever reason i decided it was a good idea to go and grab the hot on the end of my cig, and my buddy goes "dude wtf are you doing your going to burn yourself" and i replay" this does not hurt at all for some reason its like the pain is not even there i felt the warmth but no pain. i was so curious i decided to hold my finger in a lighter flame for a few (sounds stupid i know) but believe me when i say i felt nothing, and even now a few days later received no burn marks or wounds, go ahead and try and explain that to me. Anyway the relization that i could not feel pain or anything of that nature (cold included) triggered the most intense part of my trip, the climax if you will.

At this point in the night i had reached the point in my trip where i literally felt like i had separated from my body, from the room, and from the world entirely, i just lay staring at the wavy ceiling.  but make no mistake this was when i entered a sort of hypnotic meditative state where i completly entered a euphoric state and felt like i was just my mind, the world seemed so irrelevant and pointless to me food, cigs, alcohol and drugs all seemed to leave my mind and i felt like i was racing through my mind exploring every section of my true self. it felt like my mind was a machine thirsting for more knowledge and i felt like i was becoming smarter and i was Begin to understand what  our world we live in was and how we came to be and how very capable we are of unlocking our full minds and utilizing every bit of it. Quick fact for anyone who doesnt know studies showe we only use 10% of our brains and i believe i tapped into the other 90% at this time. my mind was shooting out in all directions searching for more info about the world n myself and my mind. after this happened for about 20 min or so it was like all at once my thought all over my brain came together to form the same solution, that being that the higher power such as religion spent there time worshiping gods of all sort of different natures, what i had just realized was that we are our own god, our mind rules over our surrounding, here i sat and pondered on what i just learned and i drew another startling conclusion that our minds control everything about our world, that we as humans are simply a sub conscious our minds and souls created (this is going to sounds stupid but bear with me) i felt that our minds were all linked to each other and could only be  tapped into by drugs or meditation. i am hardly religious but i honestly  even now believe this to be true, that our higher power people search for is inside of us we just cant tap into it with out drugs which was sort of a depressing  thought. i felt so enlightened like i was given the privilege of seeing how we work and what created us. i felt 100s of 1000s of miles away from my body and it seemed impossible to every have a bad trip it was amazing.

This is where the decline of my trip began (4 hours had passed and i spent about 2 hour in an out of body expierence thinking , discovering and  probing my mind for some truth. this is when i started trying to talk to my other friends (ones not on shrooms) about the revelations i had just came to. and this was literally impossible to accomplish because i was speaking to them about things they could not understand (higher power, how our state of being is a sub conscious our minds created) basically we were on two totally different levels of existence. after trying and failing multiple times to explain my new beliefs me and my one friend who also took the shrooms decided to go outside n chill on the front porch of the complex. once again i noticed the cold h ad n o effect on me and it was easily only 30 degrees outside. anyways we sat there n swapped stories about what we experienced while on our trips. the craziest thing was we both had drawn the same xact conclusions about our state of exsistance and the higher power within us and how enlightened and smarter i felt, and how unimportant what once seemed so prominent in my life was now that i viewed the world through a much wiser outlook. we talked for a good 20 min about how we felt and how we dident understand fighting n war and how much better peace is for the world, which got me thinking i should call my girl, which i did just to tell her i loved her and everything was ok with me (she knew i was on shrooms and was worried) so after just chillen on the landing for about a half hour we decided to head back up to the room and everyone was just kind of relaxing, at this time it was about 1 30 almost 2 in the morning, so we came down a lot, but i was still trying my best to explain what i felt to my friends and i kept drawing the same conclusion over and over that being they were not on my level of knowledge and excistance at that moment in time.

This would be the final stage of my trip and i would say the most un-enjoyabile part. I started almost feeling dumber because i was in such an enlightened state all night and i loved it but i could feel it slipping away. about now everyone is just in chill mode relaxing so i turned my  i pod on n just listened to the Beatles for about an hour, where i just closed my eyes n watched amazing colors dace in my eye lids, also i was literally connecting with the music washing over me again it felt so nice, but at this time my mind felt completely drained and in all honesty i was ready to sleep but just kept thinking about life and what i ha experienced. after a very long drawn out come down i was all but sober around 3 30 4 in the morning and i was ready to sleep. although i was disappointed  i no longer was tripping it was ok i felt like i wanted to be home n just chill n sleep. the thing i took most pleasure in around now is that i could communicate with my buds again (i felt very distant for a while on the falling point of the trip)

All in all it was simply an amazing thing and i would most certainly reccomend it to anyone interested, just be sure to do research and gain info on the drugs and effects and you will  have an enjoyable safe trip. i know i will partake in this activy again soon with a higher dosage and see what amazing journey i go on next, my trip was more enlightening and spiritual then visual i would like to experience a more heavier visual trip next time.


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