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halloween trip

pleasant experience

My first experience with shrooms was on Halloween this year.  I am at college so everyone went out because it was Halloween.  We were hanging out at a friends house and we decided to get some shrooms after we went out drinking.  We got to the place where we decided we were gonna trip and waited for the shrooms to get there.  When we finally got the shrooms (there were seven of us that were gonna do them plus one who wasnt gonna trip) most of our buzzes from drinking had worn off but one kid was completely blacked out.  So we all ate half an eighth; 5 of us and the girl who wasnt tripping went upstairs to smoke while the other 2 went downstairs to play with my friend's exotic lizard.  The weed this kid had was pretty good to say the least.  He had some kush, bubblegum kush, and silver haze.  We smoked a little bit of everything and everyone was pretty stoned and that's when the shrooms started kicking in.  I knew they had kicked in because everything seemed funny when it usually wouldnt be funny at all.  For example, one of my friends said that I was a bigger version of my brother and everyone started laughing their heads off.  We then played mario kart for a bit, the race that had raiinbow road, and the colors on the tv seemed really vibrant.  After mario kart we listened to a band called Shpongle and we danced in the dark.  We went upstairs after dancing and everyone was tripping by now.  The kid who was blacked out was completely reckless.  The only words he said was,"I mean yes....but no" in a Christopher Walken voice, which i have to say he did pretty well.  He is a pretty big dude so no one wanted to get in his way.  The house we were in was pretty messy because it was after a thursday night game in which we tailgated.  So he was knocking over stuff left and right but no one cared because it was pretty funny.  We decided to play NCAA football in which we did random teams.  In the middle of the game he shouted, "HOUSTON? BUT WHY AM I HOUSTON?" and started to laugh hysterically which really was funny so everyone was laughing hysterically.  He said this about 20 times and probably got 10 delay of game penalties.  He completely lost it for a couple of hours but when he finally came to, he started asking questions how he got back home because he was blacked out drunk.  We had been tripping for 3 hours or so, then someone turned out the lights and brought out this light up frisbee which was the coolest thing I have ever seen.  For the past three hours I had a huge body high and colors and music were just awesome.  So we turned on some techno, turned out the lights and we played with this frisbee for two to three more hours.  When we were done playing with the frisbee, we were all coming down so we just sat down and talked about it until 9 in the morning.  We all tripped for about 6-7 hours and a great time was had by all.  The girl who wasnt tripping passed out because she was so high but she said that when she woke up every now and then she said we were hiliarious.  I definitely plan on doing it again.

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