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spiritual enlightenment, paranoia, and an escape "gettaway drive of terror"


Sunday, November 15, 2009

1:36 PM

my name is A.  this trip is a crazy story, yet a haze of a day old experience.

 i will do my best to include all significant occurrences of the story.



I'm 18 years of age, i began smoking pot at age 14, decided to trip for the fist time out of opportunity and impulse. i had no idea what I was in for.

i had experimented with ex a lot prior to this but had no concept of (a trip)

upon eating an eighth of mushrooms my first time tripping with no knowledge of the effects i had one of the worst experiences of my life,  consisting of  friends messing with me to see if i was (actually tripping), peripheral limbs, ego loss, and pure terror.  A friends mother lecturing him about how he is throwing his life away and is soon to end up like me! (fucked up on shrooms.)


i would post that trip in-between a level 3 or 4..


Everything fell into play perfectly,  it had been 2 years since my last trip and i wanted to trip again, despite my previous experience of utter horror.

So i get an eighth of booms and ask my friend "Z" if he would like to split them with me for his first trip...

we tested about .5 each just so he could become familiarized with the idea.

i could already tell these were a good find.

(the trip)

Saturday, November 14 2009. was said to be the last nice weather day of the year, in northeast Ohio.

so I kept nagging him to take the day off of work. then he got a call saying there is no need to show up.


with that being enough incentive we packed a lunch and went to the park

we ate about 2 grams each picnic style in the parking lot.

then we smoked  bowl,

It seemed as though we immediately started to feel effects.

(the adventure)

Then we gathered our things and went for a walk through the trails.

They were now really starting to kick in,

The trees were gaining contrast and the comforting sky had a watercolor look to it.

I started to enter a dream like state as we left the trails, there were now many more cars parked in the parking lot, so we took a walk in the opposite direction.

We were looking for a pond that we found on our way in, but we happened to find a different pond that was much more secluded.


There was a family on the opposite side of the pond as me and Z sat down by the water and watched the design patterns in the ripples. My judgment in sound volume depth and distance was distorted, so I started having mild thoughts such as "can those people hear us?" 

(the creak in log city)

As we continued our walk about an hour and 20mins in we found a new side of the park, we entered a new trail and found a bench. (symbolizing a good find.)

We sat on the bench on top of the hill in the forest, looking down on the creak below.

I began to pick out natural items, sticks, leaves, trees, and associate them as though they had a personality and feelings, or a mind of there own.


I picked up a stick and I felt like it chose me.

I got up with my stick and began inspecting a rather large tree.

And I'm talking, full on inches away from the bark feeling it and then I had a feeling like I had invaded the trees personal space, but it forgave me.

I then realized that I was talking to a tree and telling Z what it was saying/thinking.


Suddenly Z said, "lets go down to the creak.

So we did.

I felt very safe in the natural environment, as I stepped onto a log that was tipped over the river without an ounce of fear of losing my balance.

we then noticed a large rotting log with moss and little mushrooms and red hairs growing off of it. To me it looked like a little city living on this log.


Another family passed by as we were frolicking in the forest looking like a couple loons.

They passed, then I explained to Z that this was tripping, he realized that his previous illusion of what tripping would be was inaccurate.

(excessive laughter)

We had this conversation about being charged with "planning to overthrow the government" for possession of large amounts of shrooms. We the started a hysterical rant of the fact that we are currently overthrowing the government. every couple minutes one of us would say something halarious.


So as we climbed to the top of the hill we decided to exit the trails and find my car. Planning to eat another .5g each and smoke a bowl.

But at that point, simple tasks or procedures became difficult to carry out due to distractions, confusion and interest in other things.

(expanding the mind, and meeting good people)

When we found my car we were really feeling euphoric and exposed, or opened up to new ideas and philosophical theory's.

We were talking about these things across my car from each other  when we saw two people sitting on a picnic table rolling cigarettes, they were brothers, just Chilin, enjoying the weather. one was our age, The other was a college grad with a ripped up sweater on and a hand nit beanie.


He told us that he used to shroom at this park in his younger days and asked if we would like a couple cigarettes. So we sat down and chilled with them for a while. Z was intrigued, rolling his own cigarettes for fun.


I decided that it was time to move on as an older gentlemen approached us with a camera. He said he was lost and sounded very confused. Something like this.. "excuse me, I'm lost could you maybe help i- ii was at a pavement.. what -looked like a house and I'm.. Cant find my way.."

He sounded like he was tripping nuts!

Now I feel like im at nelsons ledges or something.

(The Peak, Enlightenment and Peaceful Bliss)

Me and Z go back to my car and we finally get in it, and we both eat a couple more stems. As we are smoking a bowl listening to the allman brothers band and pink Floyd I begin to feel just amazing, everything I could have wanted to achieve from my shroom trip was present, I felt like I was at peace, everything I looked at was beautiful, the trees and areas that I cant even name where moving In circular motions in a pulsing manor.

I wanted to go to be at a pink Floyd concert more than anything at this point.

I felt pure bliss and satisfaction.

I was one with the earth and my mind was clear and I was just above everything of pity in the world.

(The Downfall, Dark Side)  paranoia, and a gettaway drive.


As soon as I realized that my trip was pretty intense I was feeling slight paranoia, I noticed that we picked the one spot that everyone was coming back to for their vehicles to smoke a bowl.  I was just being smart, checking the area.


Suddenly a whit jeep pulls in with three dogs with harnesses on and two or three people who appear to be looking at us, and then looking at notes, or a description.  The first sense all day of someone not relaxed or on a mission.


So I put my car in reverse and start driving out of the park. The jeep does not follow us but I wanted to get as far away from that park as possible. Luckily we made it out of there, but now we had a new problem.. We were driving on the narrowest shittiest road I had ever seen in rural farm land of Leroy. Witch was trippy as fuck. Crazy looking odd colored barns and cattle eating mushy mossy grass in a valley with a thick layer of smoke about 5 feet up from the deepest ground. I wanted to stop and look at it but I think my panic attack gave me and Z a bad trip for a bit. And we just wanted to find a safe place that we were familiar with.

(finding the way out)

So with the help of Z's GPS on his cell we made it back to the Sunoco gas station by my house. We recollected for a while took a piss and when to Painesville.

We got gas then went to our friends house in Eastlake.

After my trip turned on me I just felt shitty and bummed, and kind of insecure for the rest of the trip.

Every aspect of my trip was just disgusting me.

I was bummed but it wasn’t anything I couldn’t handle.


I then realized that I was starving! So we went to chipotle and I ate 3 tacos.

After that we drove back to my house, got Z's car.

And then he went to go pick up some freshman girls (don’t ask me why).

While I went to my buddy A.J.'s to bring him a gram of our scrumptious medical grade marijuana.

(a good lively night)

To conclude my story, after one peculiar night we met some of our friends at our buddy C's house and told them about our day.

We played beer pong, ate tons of food, and smoked good pot for the rest of the night.


I think Z and I learned a lot about life, people, ourselves and each other that day

All I can say is,
"what a hell of an experience and a time of my life that will remain a part of me and never be forgotten"

I will soon be "coming home again" to my world of expansion.

Until then, I will continue "being and un-being, living"-José' Ortega-




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