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My first trip

1/8 - Hit me hard

First of all, I have to say once I bought the Shrooms... I was intimidated. These things look like something you'd find out of a haunted forest. They were white and dry with caps that were pretty big, and I almost didn't want to take them once they were in my grasp...

Anyways... I woke up with my friends at six o'clock in the morning - needless to say I was tired. We took a walk to a park and I chewed that shit up with some cookies. I ate about half of the dosage without anything, and then gratefully took the rest with cookies - which almost completely took away the taste of the Shrooms. So I'm staring at the horizon, and I finally start to trip just as the sun comes out. It seemed to warm everything inside of me, the sky went pink, the clouds turned gold, and as it all started to vibrate it ended. I then realized that the only reason the sky was pink was because I was staring directly at the sun. Still wasn't trippin, no. After about twenty minutes, I found myself staring at a tree - they slowly started swaying and I found myself dancing with them.

Anyways, to speed things up, we took a walk to the hills. It hit me as hard as it could once we started heading up. It was like being born again, like I was a little kid running to get my favorite candy. I couldn't stop laughing and enjoying life, and everything was so fucking interesting. After about an hour or so into the trip, everything started breathing. As I would breathe in and out, so would the grass, the trees, the hills, and the mountains. It all moved with me, and it was then that I thought everything was one. I felt like I was the world and the world was me. If I wanted to be a part of a tree, or a building, or a fence - I was. It was as if anything I wanted to happen would happen. Until the magic mushroom decided to trick me and give me something a little more complex to think about.

Society. What...the....fuck? My mind just started racing on how society worked, and how it started... how weird we are. I started questioning why we give into what society tells us, and what society tells us is fun. My sober friends were talking about going places and drinking. All I could think about was why? It seemed like life in itself was pointless. Like there was no reason to live, yet there was every reason to. Because why live a life that you can't even choose to live the way you want? So I was an animal. I stopped at a few places on the dirt trail to pet the ground and run my hands through the dirt. I was a creature. The dirt was me. I would stop like this only a few times and was frustrated that my friends had places to be.

It went downhill. I realized how much of an idiot I sounded like. Words lost their meaning. My friends tried to talk to me but every word was just a word. I started mixing together words like "Fish we there red plane mountain." All I wanted to do was express to them how the Shrooms were making me feel. But every time I would start a sentence or idea, I couldn't finish it. As I stumbled over every word I could think of to say, my friends would show compassion, telling me that they sort of got it. In turn, I would come back to say "No! You don't understand! Shut the fuck up! But don't stop talking!"

It really bugged me. I wanted one thing, but I wanted the complete opposite at the same time. I wanted my friends to try and relate and understand me, but I didn't like them saying that they understood for some reason. But the visuals were amazing. The hills and grass were flowing like water, and anything I wanted to see I could see. At one of the points where we were stopped, we looked at the clouds. I saw tribal faces, skulls, and then all of the clouds grouped together and they were souls swimming up there, just trying to escape from the sky back to earth. Trees grew faces and were trying to talk to me, and I would stop to ask them what they were trying to say. I didn't get an answer however, and they said nothing but "Go", since my friends kept walking and I was about thirty feet behind.

I saw corpses in the ground, almost all of my friends had a face that resembled the one from One Missed Call - but none of it scared me. The corpses were literally piled up in the dirt in layers, and people's eyes would literally open and close like mouths. But not once was I scared. Everything seemed to be going great until we got to my friend's house. The walls were melting, and there was a spot on the wall that would disappear and reappear as it pleased. Movies that were on were hard to watch... everything just sort of sucked. Two of the people I was with left, and one of them was the only other shrooming. The other two were annoyed with me by now, and were either sleeping or not talking at all. I got scared. Now I wasn't sure if I was still shrooming or not, and I wasn't sure if I would ever get out of the state. I wanted it to end so bad that if there was a way I could have committed suicide I probably would have. I tried drinking milk (which didn't help at all), but eventually a trip to subway ended the trip. Once I was sure it was over, I just felt pretty stoned.

If there's any advice I have to give to first timers, it'd be:

- Only shroom when you're with others that you know are going to stay patient (It might be best to do it with people that aren't sober)
- Have a plan, and try not to be in complete silence
- Do them in nature

If you have any advice for my next trip, feel free to share :]

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