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Space Shuttle Launch

I ate nearly an eighth of some large orange mushrooms.

I ate nearly an eighth of some large orange mushrooms. It started hitting me fast.Listening to incubus Morning View riding in a car.My friend who was also tripping, turned abruptly around, and his face turned into the joker from batman except very very green. I flew back trying to comprehend what had just happened.Anyway later that night while one friend was frieking out unable to handle this new reality or what he had come to realize about himself, the rest of us are getting a million questions about school from a parent. I decided I needed to get out so I went in a car ride and listened to Dark Side. I was looking at my reflection in the window and I didn't recognize myself. My hair looked like it was tiedback and I had makeup on like those guys in the movie the birdcage. I then realized that physical appearance has nothing to do with the energy, or the context of a person. The night just went on and on, with car rides which felt likespace shuttle launches, million miles an hour journeys...shrooms opened a gateway of thought.

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