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2nd mushroom experience

First of all, I need to set the scene.

First of all, I need to set the scene. I had shroomed one other time before this. Before that, the only other drug I've tried was pot. I haven't even drank before. I consider myself a pretty spiritual person and that's what I wanted to get out of it. My first trip was very intense and fun, but not enlightening and not what I hoped and expected. So this time I tried to better plan for it and trip in a good environment.

To begin, My friend MS and I had come across some mushrooms one day. We are both pretty poor kids, so I had to get money out of the bank for both of us. I bought an eighth and he split an eighth with someone else. It would be his first time so I wanted him to play it coservative (so did he). We decided to trip at my house early the next day.

We ate them straight, knowing that if you have an empty stomach and chew them good, you'll have a more intense trip. We passed the onset time by walking to the gas station. We returned with a soda and already began to feel strange. My body began feeling tingly. It reminded me of Pink Floyd's "Comfortably Numb". We sat around, listened to music, talked and just enjoyed ourselves. I began to feel very happy and MS could too (I could tell). Every thing we did, I just felt so comfortable and ecstatic. I waited for the visuals to kick in, but they never did. Things looked how they do while tripping, but I had no halucinations. That was weird because it was a straight eighth and my last trip, trees were waving crazily, colors were bright as something really bright, and my mind overall was gone. We smoked a bowl of dirty shwag that I stole from my bro. Nothing intensified. I was let down.

What I did get from this trip was something much more than visual appreciation though. Everything MS and I did was awesome. It felt amazing. I think I got a new appreciation for him. I never talked to him about this. I could just feel it during the trip (I have a feeling he did too).

Right after the peak of our trip our friends called my house fucking with us saying: "What is the meaning of life" in a deep voice. We just laughed. Suddenly we got the bright idea of skating to the local pavillion to meet them and play hack (by the way, we are awesome hackers). The trek was about two miles and we just started coming down from the peak. Right off the bat, one of the little neighbor kids started chasing us. It was pretty scary and funny. After the long haul the trip really died. It abruptly ended and was over.

What I learned from this trip was that all are VERY different no matter what dose you take. It was an awesome experience, but I'm still waiting for one to really enlighten me.

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