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I was meant to take it easy the first time.....

These things turned me into an elf....

This would have to be the wierdest week of my life. It has completly changed the way I look at life, In a good way. All because of the brilliant mushroom Psilocybe cyanescens. And this is how it went....

Three days before the day I took the shrooms I had no idea what it was like to take an hallucinogenic, the most I had done is weed. But I had always been curious to try them out. Anyway, I stumbled across a video of someone growing there own and I suddenly thought, why not grow my own? After a little research I clicked that there could be some just to pick. So I went hunting. I Found loads of mushrooms and tried comparing them to a book I had. I did not know what I was doing to found Shroomery.org for help. And I have to say, you guys are legends. So quick to help out. Anyway, I was having no luck. On my third hunt I thought I would come back through my parents garden and saw quite few mushrooms in the corner of my eye. I say a few, about 100 or so, I picked one and placed it on here, only to find I had struck gold, I could not believe it , all Psilocybe cyanescens. That night I called one of my most trusted friend and we decided to go for it that night.

It got to about 8PM and we decided just to try 6G wet to start. after 90mins or so we were on a high. Hands tingling and very relaxed but also very happy at the same time. At this point we went on the shroomery.org to share our experience. After this point we took a further 11G wet each and the next 2-3 hours were, just put simply as pure bliss. l was lying down on my bed as my friend was trying to figure out what his hands were doing attached to him and if they were really his. I was just staring at the wall seeing the most amazing visuals, never seen anything like it. It was like there was a multi colored fountain coming out of my wall. It was insane, I must of stared at it for an hour.  I had just about every type of emotion flying through me, at some points it was so intense, the only way I can explain it is as a orgasm. It was so surreal.

After this Myself and my friend sat back up and were still pretty much with it and just bouncing off each other how we felt, I'm so pleased we did this, else I'm sure I would of freaked. Anyway the next part of this night can only be explained as being ever so sightly in-experienced. We decided to take 25G wet more each. Now this did turn out to be one of the strangest, bizarre, fascinating times of my life.  I guess we did this because we thought we were invincible to shrooms and could only get better, Just like the first time you get drunk, you drink till you're sick.

I felt myself getting too intense so I decided to go outside and it was amazing, just simply amazing. It was a clear night and the moon just had this massive glow round it, the stars were moving all over the place. I thought I could touch the moon it seemed so close. The garden looked endless and i started walking down it.... Only to fall over. I tried getting up, but I couldn't. So I just lay there, in complete and utter harmony. Comfortable with time, space and myself. I fixed on one star, it got closer and closer until I had this sphere in front of me. I put my hand on it and I could literally hold it and bounce it around in front of me. This was the high of the trip. I eventually was able to get myself into my house again. For some reason I wanted a cup of tea, but I tried getting a spoon first. This is when I noticed I had no kind of depth perception and I could not move my right hand properly. So I went to my room only to find my friend had turned into an elf. A fucking elf! At that moment I looked at my hand, and I was an elf! A looked left and right and my room had turned into a wood, trees, moss, leaves and of course... mushrooms. I should of been scared but strangely enough I wasn't. I was curious and kind of happy that this was happening. I lay down on my bed and looked up, held my hands in front of me to discover what exactly I had turned into, wrinkled hands with ridiculously long nails.

Then everything went fuzzy, really fuzzy. My hands had a trail like the mouse pointer out of windows 3.1 only with a shit load of colors. I started getting a horrible a nervous feeling in my chest, like I was going to die. I really was not enjoying it. At this point I figured the trip had done a U-turn. I looked around a saw heads with top hats on scattered round the room, they looked like manikins or something. Then I suddenly got the worst nausea, I stumble out of bed on all fours. I was sweating like I had just done the marathon, It was unbelievably intense. It felt like it last for ages, but probably only 3-4mins. It was horrible.

For some reason I stripped off butt naked and stumbled in to bed shaking. I was shaking for about 15 mins I'd say, trying to hold a thought, but I just couldn't. Then for an unknown reason I remember reading on here, (shroomery.org) that someone said just to let it go. So once again I lay on my back, tried to relax. And kept my eyes closed. I took a deep breath in and then realesed it. I had stopped shaking, My bed was soaking from the sweat. It went completely quite for about a further 5 mins, I thought it was over. Then I heard a soft voice in my head, A girls voice. Then I recognized it, It was one of my best friends from University that I had not seen in about 2 years, Amy. Obviously this was in my head. She talked to me, about the good times and how much of a good friend I was. That I needed to do more with my life and never let anyone you care about go.

And then as if it was the next second I opened my eyes and it was daylight. The trip was over. I felt a sense of being reborn in someway. Like there was so much more to life and it was too easy to waste. My next thought was "Fuck, wheres Will?" (my friend). I looked everywhere, could not find him, I called him. He answered, only to say his trip led him to a 24hr Spar (small supermarket)   to do his weekly shop which consisted of buying potatoes and only potatoes (he works on a potato farm). He was sitting in a park not to far away. I went and got him and took him back to his house, he was in a good way also.

I then remembered what Amy had said in my trip. So I called her and met up with her (2hrs drive). I was so pleased to see her, and I'm sure if this night had not happened I would of probably lost contact for good.

This experience has changed how I look on life. Its changed me for the better.

I'm gonna leave it a couple of weeks before I turn into an elf once again :-D.

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