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mountains are a bad idea in the winter

mountains with an 1/8 each

It was a cold winter night and me and my two friends were prepared to have an awesome campout. We each bought an eigth of bangin shrooms (mostly all caps) and stopped at shopright for water and an easy starting fire log. Being from the suburbs we didn't have any natural hiking expiernce and failed to recognize until we got to the completely dark sketchy trail parking lot. We came prepared with 1 flashlight and a lawn chair each. We tripped and stumbled on the way up the mountain until we found our "LION KING SPOT" (resembles the cliff featured in the lion king). The spot is almost as high as the huge mountain trees and over looks a great forest with woods and rock formations behind it. WE quickly devoured our 1/8s without a care for taste (don't know why peopple complain of the flavor, if i spend $50 on something i plan on licking the bag clean). We lit the lgo and soon realized that we needed more wood for the night, alot more to be exact. As the youngest of my friends, a grade lower to be exist, i was on bitch duty. After gathering plenty of wood we sat back looking into the fire and waiting for the trip to start.
About 25min after we finished our shrooms the fire stared to become mis-shapein and beautiful. It worped around glowing and making noices more entertaining then anything i've ever seen in my life. My friend then said look up. As i lookedup every tree was bending and waving almost saying hello. The sky was unable to be seen because of the large canapees all around us. The mood was happy and mystical but we soon realized after a hour of tripping that the fire would eventually go out and it was much to cold to spend the night.... That started the epic trip down the mountain. As we walked the trees pointed the way and my eyes were completely adapted to the darkness, we soon didn't need the flashlight and a sence of night vision came upon us. Eventually we reached the parking lot where we came across a very unpleasant looking (while sober) pond. There was something about it calling to us and so we walked over and sat down on our lawn chairs. Ahead of the pond was a horizen of the moon. an orange moon to be exact. As i stared out into the world, i became one witht he world, i felt 3 different layers of the sky and everything in my lfie began to make sense. Out of the dark edges of the pond ducks started to pour out, not just 4or5 but dozens jst sworming the center of the pond that was lit up by the moon light. The pond started spinning in a toilet bowl manner and my previous atonishment of the trees was quickly blown out of the water. Then something unbelievable happened, two ducks started fighting and me and friends began to yell and become animal like. I jumped up out of my chair and began to jump up and down violently stomping the ground, i felt my smashing starting an earthquake and felt the mountains behind me scream and roar. I stopped out of a kind of respect for the mountain and told my friends we should leave soon if we're not spending the night. We walked to the sketchy but beloved VAN and before we piled in a car wheeled into the parking lot, it turned out to be a cop. As he rolled down the window i quickly blurrted out "we got lost and are leaving now". for some reason the cop didn't see anything out the ordinary and said "okay just get the hell out of here". After we calmed down from our atonishment of how we got away with tripping infront of him, my friend turned on the old VAN, it seemed to be some type of space craft and we started driving. Somehow we reached his house and sat down to watch cartoon network. The t.v. began to turn red green and blue and the drapes flipped and frowned at me as if they we're some type of being. After raiding the kitchen we eventually passed out, it was an epic night

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