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First trip

Mild, fun, blissful!

Introduction :

I had been interested in trying mushrooms for a while, but it had always kinda been one of those " I'll do it someday. " sort of things, and never thought it would come up as randomly as it did. I went to a hangout with a few friends of mine, and one of my good friends stated he had about 2.5G of mush on deck. Of course, I was interested. We split the mush half-ways, so we each got a very mild dosage of 1.2G each. This would be his 4th time, and now my 1st.

>30Mins After

Started to feel warm, then cold. Then I felt normal again, but only for a moment. Then I began to get an intense body high. Like I'd munched a few 5-500's or something. It was extremely pleasant, and I felt very relaxed and carefree. No nausea. My stomach felt great.

>1Hour After

Started to feel high. Like I'd smoked a bunch of pretty good dank, but it was different. It was a kind of weird high, where everything seemed to have a living property to it. I got all these weird thoughts, and feelings all of a sudden. I felt like I was connected, and intertwined with everything that ever lived, or ever would live, in the infinity of the universe. It was really incredible, I felt like I could understand for the first time the beauty of life, and my existance.

>1Hour 30 Mins After

Me and my other buddy who was tripping decided to smoke a few bowls out of his bong. I'm not sure if it was the bong rips, or just that time for it to happen, but I started to get my first visuals. I was looking at a door, and then the door frame started to wobble and bend, as if made of silly putty. I then realised all the walls were breathing in and out. I left the room and went downstairs. In the kitchen, all the cabinets looked as if they were popping off their hinges in a sort of 3-D manner. The floor ( Which was green/white checkers) started to stretch out really far in every direction, like I was on a giant grid. Then I realised what had happened to my vision : Everything was curved inward from the corners! Like that weird camera angle you see all the time in skate videos.

>2Hours After

Visuals starting to recede and calm down. The cabinets were still popping out, but that was alright. I was convinced that the cabinets were trying to be "Sneaky" about what they were doing, because it seemed like it would only happen out of the corner of my eye. Every time I looked back at them, they'd stop, or stop after a few seconds. I thought this was hilarious, as if they cabinets had a mind of their own and knew very well they were playing a practical joke on me.

>2Hours 30 Mins

Visuals are almost gone now. Some surfaces " Rippled " for a few seconds, then stopped. I went outside with my friends, sat down and lit up a cigarette. I closed my eyes, and drifted. My mind felt like it was....In a different location. I don't know how else to describe it, but I felt as if my mind was no longer located anywhere near my body, and I was operating my body from a room, somewhere deep in the darkest corners of space, and reality.


Pretty much the end up my tripping. I spent a lot of time thinking about how I felt connected earlier, life, reality, love, friendship, beauty, morals, etc etc. I contemplated these things deeply, and for a long time. 

Review :

Tons of fun! Just what I wanted to do for my first time. A nice mild dose, in the company of good friends. I honestly believe that it was one of the most powerful experiences in my life so far. I feel changed. In a very positive way. If you're thinking about shrooming, DO IT! 

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