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Just mild stoned. A few funny things.

Why wont this tuna get dry?

I only do Cyans cause I can ID them. I had some today. it was only a level one trip and for about .5s i paniced but then i relaxed and told myself just chill out. worst case senario I will be 100% ok in about 3 hours. Over all I had a very good trip (not really a trip so much as a mild high). Usually I lose my apitite while on shrroms, I've been starving and then just lost my urge to eat but today it was different. I just got hungrier. While i was preparing my tuna melt I stood at the counter watching man vs food I expected my tuna to drain itself. I then got impatient and realized exactly what i was doing and had to tell my GF. We both had a very good laugh with it (I did the same thing with the toaster later too). I feel much better with my tripping now. I think i only get a mind fuck when i eat the shrooms plain (like i did last time). This time i made tea. much better. 

Over all all we really did was watch TV, eat, and watched "reffer madness" OH MY GOD! This was so funny! awesome!

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