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First Trip- Don't Stress!

3.7g (caps and stems)

Wow, where to begin. I had been toying with idea of trying shrooms for a while now so my friend hooked me up with a quarter of golden caps for my friend and I. I'd heard that the taste was horrid so we decided to grind everything up, stuff it in our mouths and down it with limeade. I didn't taste a thing!

We took 3.7 grams each at 8:50 and for the first 20 minutes or so I felt great. Everything made me laugh. I'm not sure if it was because I was so excited or because the shrooms were starting to work surprisingly fast. Anyway, about 35 minutes in, I began to feel sick to my stomach. I could feel the shrooms waiting to come up, however, I wasn't scared. I stayed very relaxed since the beginning. My head started to clear so we decided to listen to some music. As the music played, I started to become very aware of my hands. The felt very real to me and all I could do was touch them. An hour into the trip, things started to happen. It didn't hit me like a wall, but more like a gradual thing. It felt amazing to breathe! So good, in fact, that everything in the room started breathing with me. I looked up and saw the fan moving like a flower. My friend has blue and green lights installed in the living room and the walls are yellow. The colors intensified immediately. The room seemed alive and brighter and it seemed to be in sync with the music. I had my laptop with me and as time passed I began to feel very detached from it. At this point I was very in my head, thinking about how shitty the internet is, how unnecessary Twitter and Facebook are and how we shouldn't even bother with the internet. I decided I wanted nothing to do with my computer so I tossed it aside.

At this point, I'm sprawled out on the carped, touching everything that I could reach. The couch I was laying next to felt so good. I even named it Fred. He began breathing with me in unison. I could feel the carpet moving beneath me. I also became very attached to the wall. I remember getting up and resting my body against it, feeling like I was on the floor laying down. Both my friend and I seemed to be on the same level because for what seemed like hours, all we did was ask questions about life and humanity. My sense of time was completely out of whack. One second, minutes seemed like hours, others, minutes seemed like seconds. For the first 2 hours of the trip, I felt like a child. I felt like I was relearning everything and I began to think that I needed to be happier with my life. So far no real visuals.

My friend and I assumed we were coming down so we pulled a G each of really nice headies hoping that this would intensify our trip. This is when things get a little crazy. Around 10 minutes after hitting the G, I conclude that my trip is over so we go to his room to lay down. As soon as I lay my head on his pillow and look our the window I notice a tree outside and go into the most intense trip level of the night. The tree turns into what I can only describe as 3 "father times" made of stars (which were really leaves) bidding me goodnight. With each minute that passes, the tree seems to come into the bedroom. As it gets closer, the tree turns into a blur of colors and lights. My eyes start to zoom in on this tree until the only thing I see is blurry colors. I close my eyes hoping that everything goes away but that's far from what happens.

I begin to see 3D visuals. I can see lights, pulsating to the beat of the music. I open my eyes and instead of seeing the bedroom I see blotches of color with no definition. At this point, I don't even know what to think. Soon after, I start seeing patterns on EVERYTHING. I see red dots with purple arrows pointing in 3 dimensions while the shapes have an green outer glow. My eyes were decoding how to see. I could see my friend next to me and the bedroom again, but the only thing my eyes would really see and focus on was the patterns. I started freaking out so my friend took me back to his living room. We had taken his big dry erase board to the living room so I sat down on the floor and began drawing. This somehow made the pattern go away and I felt more at ease.

The shrooms we took seemed to have waves of intense trips because as soon as I began to draw, my brain started to feel like everything I did, saw, and heard seemed to repeat itself over and over. My friend and I were very connected because he would finish my sentences and understand exactly what I was telling him. It was in this stage that I no longer saw everything as being perfect. I began to notice imperfections and became very aware of myself. My friend and I went both from being very comfortable to being awkward with each other, not touching anything but our laptops. I went from hating my computer at the beginning of the trip to almost needing my laptop and internet.

In the end I did keep a log of what was happening with me. This might help a first timer to understand what goes on in your head. Overall, it was one of the most enlightening experiences of my life. There really is nothing to worry about when doing shrooms. I can't compare it to any other drug.


8:50 when I took my last dose

I started to feel like my hands were slowing down and every time I breathed out, I would get smaller.

It is now 9:25 and I am very aware of my breathing and my body. My left hand disappeared. Now its back

The fan is moving. Was moving. I cant stop geeking the fuck out. Is this normal? This feels like hyperspeed. Im typing super fast and super easy. Im starting to get a runny nose and I cry every time I laugh. I don’t know how long I’ll able to keep typing like this. My hands have a mind of their own. I cant stop typing. I wanna keep typing now. My head is all clear. Everything’s breathing with me.


It is now 9:32 and I am feeling something. My hand turned pink and the texture was out of this world. 

9:34 and I feel soooooo happy but so far no real visuals, jus tingling in my body andjaw. Stomach hurts like vomit waiting to come up but wont because it is nice.


9:36 time stopped.


9:40- feels like ive been at this for hours. I cant type really well nor do I want to. Im focused on my breathing. I like to breathe. The music is fitting in with my brain. So far no concrete visuals. I think Ive said this before but I liketo breathe. My laptop is breathing.


9:42- I cant  read what I wrote. My hands are completely drained from color.

9:42- feels like an hour Ago that I decided I wasn’t going to keep a log of what im feeling. Im just gonna go with it.


9:54 lets talk. Time is relative. I’m gonna try to close my eyes.


I don’t even want my glasses. They are irrelevant.

Hard to formulate thought.

I feel aware of everything.

I don’t even care about this stupid stupid machine. Its dictating me how to write .

Why is it that my thought have to be constricted to these dumb fucking letters.

Wwhy letters? Why?





I matter.


I want to remember thisv  ubt not time

I want to forget timeeeee

Im gonna cry so much my tears are gonna cry

I like tears


1:35  it hurts to talk. Feel like a robot with robot noises in my brain. I’m seeing crazy red dots everywhere with purple arrows. Don’t want to talk anymore because it hrts. The sound of the keyboard feels amazing.  I’m tripping the FUCK out. Want to go back to the beginning when I loved everything and everyone lol. I don’t feel the textures, just see patterns. The only thing with no patterns is this laptop so im holding on to deal life. If I let go of this laptop, Im lost in pattern nothingness.


1:40- This feels so right. Feeling like sitting on this couch, whose name is no longer Fred,


1:42- Time is completely warped. Time, if there is a time that is, is going super SLOOOOOOW. I like writing and the keyboard now. I guess my brain is rewiring for stuff like this. I went from an elemental kid stage to a love stage to a happy stage to an abstract stage to a learning how to see stage to a pattern stage, to a drawing stage to a repetition stage to a scared stage to a happy stage to an attachment with my laptop, to dismissing the reality of Fred the couch to sitting down to a repetition of EVERYTHING SPOKEN.


1:51- Everything seems to rhyme in my brain. I like things that I didn’t like before.

1:51- TIME has disappeared. Going VERY slow. I cant formulate things and




2:12- re-read everything that I wrote with [Friend]. I like the shape of sentences. I like periods and commas.


2:17- I don’t have feelings I just have abstract.

2:19- Eat a moshi. Colder than before.

2:20- geeking on moshi.

Feels weird to eat.

I dfont know anything anymore. Time is slow.


2:23- reading the longest joke in the world.

2:32- Very negative stage. Don’t like anything right now but I remembered that its all about LOVE.


2:33- I’m conforming. I’m whining way too much. WAYYY TOO MUCH. Im complaining about complaining. LOL.


2:46- everything is WAY too real. Its real but its not. Two seconds later, nothing feels real.

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