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First trip

It all worked out somehow

the day started off great , me and my cousin and his girlfriend finally found a connection for the fungi. we bought a half ounce of some field cubes from the connect for my cousins step dad and "pinched" the bag. we got almost and 1/8Th out of it and his step-dad doesn't own scales so we were doing good. most of the day was spent looking for a spot to ingest and other general planning like music selection. liftoff is getting close and as luck would have it my cousin and his gf start to fight and the night spins all to hell in an instant. the tripping was called off and i am pissed as hell cause i have been trying to get these forever.him and his gf take off to save their ass cause some dude figured out the percs he sold them were anti-depressants or some shit and i am left standing there with nothing . bout this time my cousins step-dad "Larry" comes out to see whats happening. i tell him the whole deal and he proceeds to load an empty cig pack with the shrooms we got him. i give him immense thanks and jet ,eating the shrooms in the truck going doing the road. they tasted good to me , like i imagined nature would taste and with an almond tinge. i hadn't eaten all day in preparation and was hoping i could make it home before things started to set in.

once home i have never felt so happy , all my searching and the bullshit i went through had finally paid off. i threw on some acid king and laid back for a bit thinking about the day and about that time the porcelain throne called . i always keep a book in the bathroom and at the time had the best of H.P. Lovecraft. i tried to read some of the shadow out of time and began to notice the pages started to glow a bit and the words looked a Lil' jumbled. i would laugh and look away at the floor ,which is hardwood, and see the grains moving and swimming ever so slightly.

when i got back to my room i plugged up the purple and blue Christmas lights that run along the room hanging from the ceiling and put on Dark side of the moon. while rummaging through my dvd collection i picked up Monty pythons "the holy grail" . i think this was the peak cause i at first noticed the clouds on the dvd cover moving and then the characters in the goblet would laugh and dance around a little.

i have never felt so happy in my life as i watched the walls breathe and the ceiling move as if viewed through heat waves.when i looked at my jeans the threads were made of blue,red and green dots flowing down my legs.the body high was insane and my arms felt like liquid glass, i could feel the air fill my lungs and the blood run through me .

I'm not too sure on the time from peak to fall but I'm going to say 3 hours maybe. it was strange cause it dropped me like a sack of hammers, one minute i was tripping and the next i was ...sorta normal. i am not sure how to describe the feeling after my comedown other than peaceful i suppose. the ceiling kept "rolling" slightly till i fell asleep, all in all i think this was one of the most significant and happy moments of my life. my first step on the long journey of the pyshconaut wasn't very spiritual or deep but it was tremendous fun and a great way to "wet my feet"

Good vibes from me to all of you and take care fellow explorers.  :hippie:

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