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Reality dumped me!

over 1/2 once eaten

My story starts off like this, we where having a fun-guy party for a friends birthday. I started the night by getting my hands on a 1/8 of cubes, which for me is a good night of laughing and fun, I dont get much visionals at most little spots of color or if I am looking at lines or grains in wood they "swim"

so it all started out great, was laughing and dancing, just tripping out on life. people giving me mushrooms for free, just handing them out like candy, in the morning we talk to 6 different people that had given me over an 1/8 each. after dancing for a hour or two I started talking to my trip buddys about what was going on. when from some reason i didnt think I was... so I went and sat down to think. I couldnt tell if any thing going on around me was real, friends of many years would come talk to me and I wouldnt say any thing back, because I didnt want to be talking to me self if they were not real.

I then stopped being able to feel my body, it was my first out-of-body trip ever, I could still move but it did not fell like I was doing it, and every time my hand touched my self I got a huge rush of feeling, it was amazing just to touch my leg.

then I started thinking about wether or not this is what dieing as like, was I in the after life? I liked that thought because that ment all my friend were there with me. at this point it felt like reality was a lie.

so as I sat on the floor  thinking about death, I came to peace with it all and thought that if this was me time to go, what a time to go! hahahaevery time I tell this story poeple get scared, but I think it was great to go there, I dont want to go back but it was a good place to go once.

-HTA  (Happy Trips Always)

p.s. if any one is ever on the west coast of BC let me know!


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