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penis envy- bad trip need advice


So i joined this site because my trip was so bad and i am still dealing with the aftermath. here is my story...

My best friend had never done mushrooms before, where i have twice and never had a problem. we are pretty big stoners too so for us i thought a half of an eighth we would be totally fine. So we got to a friends house and he had made them in chocolates. he said he put 3 eighths of penis envy into 6 chocolates so he figured a half an eighth was in one. so we each ate one and at first our trip was amazing. we walked around town laughing and smoked a few blunts and came back home and put in a movie. the eternal sunshine of a spotless mind.. if you have see it you know it is a trippy movie as it is.. on shrooms; ten times crazier. it was me, my best friend, the guy who made them and his roommate ( they ate 2 whole chocolates each)... all of a sudden  i look at my friend and she is having convulsions and her eyes are rolled back in her head. the guys roommate couldnt even talk so me and the other guy tried to help her and i immediately start freaking out and crying hysterically. after she woke up from this she is compltetely gone. she looked at me, and i SWEAR to you, her eyes were empty. she would look away and they would roll in circles and she was smiling as she did it. i thought she was possessed and i was so scared of her and could not  breathe.i thought that if i looked her i was going to go in the same place she was. i had to be away from her. if the guy with me would have been like his roommate  i think i would have killed myself, the fear i had is unexplainable. all i could do was think about god, which i never do, and my family to keep me with reality. my best friend was gone.she would wake up from these trances and have no idea where she was or what was going on. she would just say my name and then go back into the trance. so at last, i finally called my mom to come get us. my mom is cool and was a big partier so she handled us well and just tried to keep molly with it and tell her over and over it was okay.. its been three days and i still cant be alone, cant look in the mirror, cant be in the dark, and theres no fucking way i can even smoke weed again. this feeling i have is plain fear, i cant get the picture of her eyes out of my mind. and everytime i think abot it i start freaking out and i cant breathe.

how do you get past this fear? i am depressed and i feel like it is never going to go away. my friend on the other hand is alright and says she just doesnt remember much except that i was crying and she didnt udnerstand why. i realize now she was not in the right state of mind to take these strong shrooms and it just took her to a whole different place. i feel like im losing my sanity and its taking over my brain.

can someone please help? or maybe relate?

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