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Shroom with Good ppl (crazy)

If you dont trust them dnt shroom wit them

Ok it was my first time doing shrooms my friend alex brought them over i think we both took about 6 or 7 caps a peice cant remember because we put it on a pizza because some one told us they taste nasty. well were doing good sitting up stairs wacthing cartoon network when i feel tingly in my stomach, i dont think nothing of it then the walls start moving around melting like so i started laughing because i really didnt think stuff like that can happen. so were looking at ed ed n eddy and alex is in the cartoon he still looked human but he was in the tv and i started thinking wtf is this real so i tried to get him out and i started banging on the tv. his mom comes up wondering wats going on i freaked out so bad thinking that she new i was high and i lost her son in the tv. it felt like she new what i was thinking because she was reading my mind so i started to get even more scared. luckly alex came back from the bathroom and he talked his mom to go downstairs. he was telling me about what he was seeing in the bathrooms and i told him what happened.

So one of alex friends came over and he was already high off acid and i dont really trust him much. so the shrooms made it soo worst i was thinking of all the bad that  he
could do. I thought he called the cops on us and and he had microphones in his pants n shirt so i kept trying to act like im not high and he was the drug dealer who sold
us the stuff so the cops would leave but then some girls came and made it all better it took my attention off him and towards them it felt like a small party up there but then when they came and i tried to be chilled out the more i chilled the more i seen stuff like on cartton network mickey mouse came out the tv and started to dance with me and his tail was so long. it kept trying to trip me so i kept jumping up and down like a jump rop and flipping over the chairs. ppl who werent high started wondering what was wrong with me and made my tripp worst the tingly feeling came back in mt stomach. i thought i needed to throw up. my friend started playing heavy metal music and i dnt really like that music so it made me feel more bad. i thought the girks kept sneaking up behind me and trying to whisper  in my ear.

Then i tried to lay down and chill and when i closed my eyes i seen shadow clowns danceing with suger canes in there mouth idk why but thats what it looked like. I tried to go to sleep but it felt like i kept getting higher every time i lay down sso i tried to go outside to smoke a cig and when i tried walkin down the steps the steps grew longer and i ran back to the room so i smoked in the room. alex was to high to even think twice about it. the cig boosted it even more it felt like i kept doing the wrong things to take the high away. As soon as alex friend left every thing got better for some reason like he was making my high worst even tho i paid him no attention. And not to you guys trying shrooms its the best on sex.

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