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The last time I ate mussies.

Utter disappointment.

Well for those who eat mushrooms to get a slight euphoric feeling these would be great for you. But I myself like things to be a little more intense. I found these mushroom bars for really cheap and they had all these great reviews. So this chick was like, “yeah you only need one because there’s like a cut in each.” So heaving her words I buy myself and my girl one and have high expectations of touching the sky. As previously mentioned they were priced really low so at the same time I was not expecting much. We were driving back to my buddies house and we ate them about 10 minutes before we got there thinking that they would start kicking in soon there after. Well about an hour after eating the bar, witch I must add was DELICIOUS, I started noticing the TV picture looked really good! Bravo, its HD therefore it should but I will admit it looked better than average. I then got a slight body buzz but slight would be giving it too much. About 2 hours into everything was starting to come down and that was the gist of it all. Now this wasn’t my first time by any means so I was looking for something hella better than that for all the hype. I cannot accept that there was anything close to a gram let alone over one in those bars. But that’s the story of my last trip and the reason I am now growing my own batch to tantalize my mind and better understand the psyclobe cubensis. Hate to have a sad trip report but hey it happens, and that in my eyes a bad trip.

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