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Friends change trips

Well it finnaly happened.

Well it finnaly happened... after waiting months and months I finnaly got some shrooms...

The night started great I just got off school and my friend Danny came up to me and said he could get us some shrooms so I was freakin siked. I called off work and got baked to hell while we waited.

We ended up going to the kids house and finding out that is was all just a misunderstanding. That the guy was talking about pot not shrooms but he did have enough just for him and his 2 buddies. I was again bummed as hell but I thougt I might as well just smoke my self retarted then. So all of us(including the shroomers) went to find a place to smoke.

Well we ended up driving accross town all over to smoke. By that time my friends were starting to trip but Danny and I were still sober to hell so we finnaly decided to go to this place called the poles to smoke.

To get to the "poles" you have to walk down this long long long walk down these trails which was fun to walk and smoke. It was really fun for the trippers cuz a cat was following us everywhere we went on the trail so they were making up stories n shit.

We were about half-way there when my friend said wait a second and pulls out about 1/4 of a 1/8 bag of shrooms. He said I could have it but I might not trip I really diddnt give a shit. But Danny was pissed about not getting any so he cept on tryin to screw it up for me (really pissed me off) so I ate em and we went to the poles for a huge smoke down. It sucked we were that far down though because I had nothing to drink and those shrooms tasted nasty but I really diddnt care.

After about 1:30 of smoking it finnaly started to get dark. We all thought it was like 12 but it was really only 7:00 lol and my shroomin buddies were running around in circles n shit. I was just high at the time I think or I couldnt see anything cuz it was dark out so i thought I was just normal.

We left the poles to go get somethin to eat and drink cuz I was dying without anything to drink with that nasty taste in my mouth. So I, feeling like I was not tripping at all, decided to drive.

It was all goin good we went got some wendys listened to some Dead and Phish, and did some other stuff when we felt like just chillin. My friends trips were coming down there werent all spaced out anymore or anything so I thought we could go to my house since we were just high.

So we pulled up at my house and I stepped out of my car and just sat there and started laughing. The trees and my house were bending back and forth I was fucking TRIPPING. I just sat there as my friends yelled at me and I finnaly said I cant go inside. So we went to my friends house.

By the time we got there I was tripping hard. I was looking at these plats for hours that for some reason looked like 2 huge buds to me. We walked in and went up in his room and turned on some Floyd.

All of the other trippers came down by that time except for one of my friends and myself since I took it much much later then they did. I started to stare at his wallpaper which had flowers on it and they started to grow. It was freakin crazy, straight out of fear and loathing in Las Vegas! And when I would look at the door it would shrink and swirl and melt. All the posters in his room were just swirlin it was great!! We turned off the lights and my friend was putting stuff away in his room and it looked like this shadow thing dacing. All his moves would make a long trailer that was cool as shit. But then it happened... They put in Metallica.... It pissed me off so bad they were toatally down and there weed was wearing off... They were rockin n shiet and I just wanted to look... By this time I hadnt said anything cept a few words in like 1 hour. I was having a blast just looking but then they made me get up and go downstairs to watch tv and get ready to leave....

I was the driver of course so I had to drive us everywhere... I just wanted to go home. The kid who was tripping with me in my friends room also left when they put the Metallica on he walked home(I wanted to do this so badly) but since I was the driver I had to take em out...

Well the Metallica toatally killed my buzz and the moving I wasnt shrooming at all anymore and boy was I pissed to hell... So we picked up another friend and we went on the stony cruise roads (these certain roads that are badass for it) and lit up about 7 bowls or so and went to go eat at McDonalds.

The whole time at McDonalds I wanted to cry. I missed the way I was.. I cept looking at everything wanting to see it twist... but nothing... my friends messed it up for me.... but oh well... I took Danny home and went off to my friends house(the one with the flowers) and went to sleep just thinking about the amazing experience I had.

I was happy I had that small ammount. And I cant wait till I get it again ina larger ammount. I just wish I could have had it the way I wanted to and have planned for months. Next time I think ill do it by myself but I duno.. All in all though..what a night...

Thanks for reading my story.. If ya guys accutualy did. I know its a bit long but I just feel like talking about it..

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