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Thank you Ralph

Positive first time

First I want to thank Ralph for providing me with some ++ spores.Gave me a very special and positive night in a not always superb life.
I also would like to thank the native americans from the south to the north,the pioneers of shrooms.

I digested 2 cakes full of fresh shrooms.Mexicans. It was(is)my first trip.About 6 hours since i ate them,alone.
At first i thought it was just like weed,i laughed at different stuff and got this warm and cozy feeling.The difference must be that it is, well, different.The eyes and ears picked up everything more intense than on weed.

One funny thing that happened was that i wanted to get rid of everything from big corp.and with that the coke bottle i had next to me.The thing was that it was filled with fresh, icy cold water.The bottle stayed.My battle had ended in 3 sec.

The music was amazing together with the visualizations on the comp.Especially the flying snake things.

I felt so secure and light headed the whole time through.I got perspective on what/who are/is important to me.

Music i listened to,arranged after how intense i felt the music.Number1 most intense.
3.Sia-Breath me
4.Basement Jaxx-Lights go down
5.Moderat-rusty nails
6.New order-Crystal
7.Chemical brothers-Star guitar
8-Bjørk-Hidden places(Evol intent remix)
9.Lil Wayne-I`m me(Moby has made the sample he uses)

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