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first trip half 1/8 gold caps

from bad trip to good


                          Two of my best friends and I have been wanting to do shrooms for a while, and everyone always told us "I can't get you shrooms, I can get you acid though". I've always heard acid is more intense than shrooms and we all wanted to do shrooms as a start, but we decided to just get acid instead so I go up to this guy in school and asked him if he could get us acid, instead of him saying yeah, he said no and replyed with "No I cant get you shrooms though". They told us they were good and we would trip balls off a half 1/8. He gave me his number and said hit me up like an hour after school. My friends and I got together after school and called them at the time we had been given. They told us they would come pick our money up to go get them soon (i usually don't front money but I trusted them).
                           They got our money and went to pick the shrooms up and we waited for about an hour, and my mind set for the shrooms had worn off from the waiting and I was now nervous about taking them. They texted us and asked where we were, and they came and gave us our shrooms. I looked at them and they were shiny gold colored and looked as if they were spray painted gold. I just knew they were the best shrooms we would ever get our hands on. I had purchased an 1/8 and my friend a half 1/8, and I split my 1/8 with another friend whose birthday was soon and decided to let him trip for a present.
                            I took out my scale and weighed 1.7g's for everyone and split it up, after that we walked to the store to get some OJ to make our trip last longer (as they say). We ran into a group of friends we hangout with everyday, and told them we were about to trip. They all said it was cool but one of them who we are good friends with asked if he could come with us, but before any of this we were already with another friend who was gonna be our babysitter. We told him he couldn't come and we would call him later cause we didn't want to be with more than 1 person who wasn't trippin. He kept following us around and one of my friends we were trippin' with got fed up with him annoying us and following us as we stated we didn't want him coming.
                            My friend started pushing him telling him to get the fuck out of here, and the other friend punched him in the face but they didn't fight, and after that he left. We went to a spot behind a church and it was dark by now. We all took our shrooms and drank OJ with it. About 20 minutes passed and we had smoked some weed and all I had was a body high which i didn't think was even from the shrooms. I began thinking that the shrooms wern't effecting me and my friends agreed, so we started walking and I started having some deep thoughts but didn't think I was going to trip.
                            After walking we just agreed to go back to the church, and this is when I STARTED TRIPPIN', we got to the church and it hit me like a brick wall. We were sitting at the picnic tables and I looked around and the lights had rainbow rings around them and my friend pulled his iPod out and started spinning the head phones and rainbows were coming out of it all my friends who were trippin' saw it also. It was raining that day too and the picnic tables were behind the church down some stairs and there was apart of the building that stuck out about 10 ft and was shelter. We were sitting here and there is a light above the tables, and all of the sudden out of nowhere it went out and we were in the dark but there was still light from the back parking lot and the railing seperating us from the lot was casting a shadow on the wall.
                             I looked behind me at the railing and the shadow moved across the wall almost like it stretched and was creeping up on me sorta like a horror movie. At this point I could say I was trippin' now, I was also sick with a cold and my nose was stuffy. I began having images of my nose having a wall of snot streching down into my throat and blocking me off from breathing. I then took a bite from my friends Twizzler, and I had really bad cotton mouth from smoking and it got stuck in my throat and I was smothering on it and I just kept swallowing not panicing until I got it down. I then all the sudden forgot how to breath and started inhaling the air trying to get oxygen but felt as if I still wasnt breathing and I started blowing snot out of my nose thinking it was preventing me from breathing.
                             At this point I thought I was dying and the people who got me my shrooms got me bad ones and had no clue why they would just get me shrooms for nothing, but I reassured my self I was just trippin' and my friends were fine laughing and having a good time. I tried talking to my friends but they just continued to laugh and it felt like they were ignoring me, at this point I thought the world was ending and in the morning NASA had blown a hole in the moon to find any ice, and I thought about how they say a full moon makes people crazy. I thought since they blew a hole in the moon the world was going crazy and noone could hear me no matter what.
                              I started yelling at my friends begging them to answer me because im having a bad trip, they continued to laugh but the baby sitter asked "whats wrong dude? Ill help you." and at this point my friends asked whats wrong also, but for some reason I needed to talk to them but at this point I just couldn't bear talking to them and when they talked to me my trip got worse. But I looked over at the babysitter and he had a shadow from the railing on his face that looked like a mask. The wind started blowing and I insisted on going up to 'the shed'.
                              Everyone agreed and we went up there I begged my friend for his phone cause it made me feel safe. He gave it to me and we got to the shed, and everyone went into the shed and I stayed out side away from them because I felt they were inducing a bad trip and were annoying the fuck out of me. I laid down in the grass and was getting rained on and I had my friends phone out trying to find the right person to call but couldnt find anyone to call. I then felt like spirits had chased me from the church and were fucking with my head, I was calm but freaking out talking to my self, repeating sentences, like wait no i gotta call someone no wait i cant do that no i dont know whats happening I need help please make it stop. I then started thinking my money was bringing evil to me and I took my money out and just said "here take my money I dont need it just leave me alone". I then started thinking I wasnt ever gonna be normal again.
                               I went back to the shed and I didnt want to but I admitted to my friends I was having a bad trip. They started saying some shit like you have to find your inner something, and I told my friend to shut the fuck up. I then just left with my friends phone and was in the middle of the woods, I then started thinking really hard and my bad trip went away. The trees were attaching together and breathing and attaching on to me, I then found a fence and I followed it thanking god I found my way out of the woods and didnt get sucked into the trees. I then threw my self over the fence cause I was to weak to hop it. I think started trying to find water on some leaves, thinking I was a survialist and tried making a hut. I then was in someones back yard and in the drive way I saw a light, I thought i was a cops spot light and started running back into the woods and someone started calling my friends phone.
                                 It was a friend who was trippin on acid and they were with there friend who had a car and they picked me up and I was looking out the windsheild and the streets looked very narrow and looked as if we were riding on the sides of cars parked along the street and the trees were hanging over the street  that looked like a tunnel.
                                  After they dropped me off I went back to the shed and was having a good trip, and i found only one friend there and he was talking to my self and he jumped up asking who I was. I told him and started asking me if my name like your Tyler right?!?! and i assured him and he started repeating him self about going to sleep and he asked me to call his dad and tell him that he needed to goto sleep. He started calling his dad saying he had to tell him. I could tell he was having a bad trip and was really fucked up. I then grabbed the phone and put it to my ear for some reason and the rain and the cell phone i guess shocked me and my hearing went out but i didnt know i got shocked and was wondering what the fuck was happening while everything turned white and came back to normal and i looked over at my friend whose back was facing me and i thought he was gonna turn around and kill me like a horror movie.
                                    I started repeating his name trying to make him turn around, and he asked whose there?!?! where the fuck are you!!!! and he started running away and i tryed to chase him and i grabbed him from behind and he turned around and swung at me and was yelling get the fuck off me leave me the fuck alone!!!!!!!
                                  so thats my trip after that i went home and went to sleep

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