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too much shrooms

I have eaten a gram of shrooms previous to the second trip, which would be too powerful for me.

I have eaten a gram of shrooms previous to the second trip, which would be too powerful for me. I was with the same friend. We ate about 3 grams of shrooms, but we are not totaly sure how much we ate.
We were walking around outside, that was a big mistake, I looked around and saw that everything was made of some kind of grains, this sight frightened me. Then the grains begain to morph into different shapes. After this had happened I look at the house in front of us, the windows begain to get skinny and stretch out. I had never had visuals before so i was a little nervous, but the thought that it wasn't real helped.
Then we decided to go into my cabanna. While we were in the cabanna i looked at the walls and they seemed to be made of water, a very neat sight. Then my head felt like it was floating away from my body, i felt free, while having many unexpressable thoughts. Then i heard dogs barking, then after a while it seemed like there were dogs in every direction, all barking, this made us flip out, because it was very strange.
My friend said he had to go, so we stood up, it took all my energy to stand up because i felt like i weighed about a ton.
By the time i got into my bed i was in a deep trip, i was very relaxed and full of thoughts, then i closed my eyes and saw a clown with a hat on spinning plates on different sticks, i laughed because it was an absurd thing to see.
I became restless and couldn't sleep, i discovered many things during that time.
Make sure you are ready for shrooms before you eat a large amount. It could be very scary.

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