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To Heaven Through Hell


Though I have experimented with LSA containing seeds (namely, Hawaiian Baby Woodrose) on numerous occasion, only on my second ingestion did I ever experience their effects. I had taken the seeds in a drink a few days prior with no definite results so on my second attempt I used 10 of the seeds I had received from a shamanic website. First, I crushed the seeds (quite a job- they are only slightly less resilient than rocks). Next, I put the crushed seeds in a small cup, which I filled with water. I would have used a few drops of lemon juice but it was unavailable at the time.

I let the seeds soak overnight until 10am the following afternoon.

Around 10-11am I drank the solution, seeds and all. It has a very

earthy, woody taste.

I spent the next few hours awaiting the nausea I had read about in

my research of the seeds. Three hours went by and I had still not

been able to note any effects.

Writing this attempt off as another failure with the seeds I decided

to get some Greek food with my friends, my first meal of the day.

It was half-way through my greasy gyro and pita that I began to feel

a bit queasy. My friends had all finished their meals and we were

loading into the two vehicles we had come in as I began to feel

extremely nauseated. On the ride home I began to feel more and

more sick- even disoriented; flu-like symptoms began to set in: my

whole body ached, especially at my groin and knees, even more so

when I moved; my stomach churned and I became exceedingly

sensitive to the motion of the vehicle.

I stepped out of the vehicle when we arrived back at the campus

apartments, upon which my groin and knees pulsed in agony.

Then what I had known was coming all along happened: I vomited.

On my hands and knees in the grass beside the parking-lot I vomited

as if in the throws of some terrible sickness, but I knew what was

happening- the seeds were beginning to take affect.

After about five minutes of terrible vomiting I felt much better but

still limped back upstairs to the third floor apartment in serious pain,

but relieved of most of my intestinal discomforts.

Back in the apartment I still felt fairly sick, but began to feel a sort of lackadaisical air come about the situation. I also began to feel more and more pleasantly apathetic. My knees and groin still in minor pain, I went into my friend Rakeem's room to lie down for a spell. I became increasingly interested in the lime green lava-lamp he had in his room- it seemed intensely beautiful.

After about a five minute lie-down I got up and my and the rest of my friends went over to the apartment next door, in which some other friends of mine, Ross, Allen and Jeff, lived. Once there I found a seat next to the TV. I felt my body relax, all the former discomforts melting away. I began to feel the oddest sensation of intense drowsiness coupled with awareness and wakefulness. I slipped further into inebriation, limbs growing heavier and my give-a-fuck evaporating.

My muscles continued to greatly relax- to the point of feeling nearly out-of-body. The sensation of blissful apathy also continued to intensify. An extremely pleasant apathy grew, overwhelming me over the next hour or so; that time is only an estimate, though, owing to an increasing distortion in my perception of time's passing.

Aware of my previous sickness, my friends continually asked me if I was feeling okay. I was in such a state of tranquility and sedation I barely felt inclined to acknowledge they had even spoken. Even so, I kept answering their questions with a smile and a nod.

At the point at which the feeling of bodily wellbeing climaxed and plateaued  another sensation began to take effect. It began to feel as though my body was being elevated- pulled away from the ground ever onward towards the sky. The feeling could be likened to having strings attached to my body and being air lifted.

The entire experience lasted about six hours, ten including the initial four hours of waiting and purging, and ended with me lying down for a very deep, restful sleep. While the experience itself leaned more towards what I would call "recreational" (excluding, of course, the vomiting and discomforts in the beginning) than enlightening, my reflections upon it did lend themselves to a more transcendental pattern of ideas. I had read of numerous religions, namely Chinese religions, in which no person can simply reach heaven as a right: every person was required to first atone for their earthly sins with an appropriately lengthy punishment in hell. Having had to first suffer my spell of exceptionally painful purging, I was then rewarded with my own little piece of earthly heaven. This analogy is of course quite a stretch from the mystical and religious ideologies implied by those ancient religions, but this experience with LSA did give me a much deeper personal affection for that certain branch of religion.

I, as of now, have still never achieved the LSA experience again, despite over ten attempts. I believe this to be largely because of my current SSRI antidepressant medication. I would still highly recommend this experience to any that desire a rather safer, albeit initially painful, tranquilizer type of high, much like that of alcohol intoxication- but with a much clearer mind.

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