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Level 5 on first time

shrooms + spice = connection with spiritual subconscience.

It was a little over a year ago I managed to get my hands on an 8th of shrooms for the first time. My friend and I had been into pot smoking for some time before this, and I had experimented with acid once, however neither of us had tried shrooms, so I cheerfully went to his house the day after purchase to show him our new treasure. We spent all of 20 minutes dividing the dosage up and deciding where we wanted to go. I wanted to trip in nature, my friend wanted to trip in the house, so we decided to go to a big lake / park down the street from his house, and call his mom to pick us up later. I remember we walked way out of civilization in this park, and before I ate my dosage. My friend left his at home, and was saving it for when he got back. After eating mine, my friend presented me with a bowl of "eclipse". One of many "spice" products that are a random assortment of plants and other things that affect your brain similar to weed, but I have always found gives you a much more "speedy", trippy, and thought-provoking high than marijuana. Anyway after we smoked a couple bowls of this stuff I slammed down some kombucha tea I had brought, and we started walking back through the park. I hadn't been feeling much of either substance untill we got to this path lined with very tall trees. I remember watching an old man walk his white dog about a coupple yards infront of us, when I started giggling uncontrollably. My vision suddenly fish-eyed, and it looked like the trees wrapped around untill we were in an almost "tree-tunnel". My friend could tell I was starting to trip, and the only thing I could manage to tell him was "It's like everything is DIFFERENT, and HILARIOUS!". We were then walking to the playground when I looked out at the lake, I could barely comprehend what I was seeing. The sky had a rainbow aroura and I hallucinated full on aztec heiroglyphics in the sky, as clouds started swirling into spirals, morphing into more heiroglyphs. At this point I couldnt really keep track of what I was saying, but I remember my friend talking to me, seemingly endlessly. He was walking on peice of wood that outlined the path as I was staring at his face, an image that managed to consume all of my vision, as I tried to understand what he was saying all the while trying to walk and study EVERY single muscle moving indipendantly on his face, which now shimmered like fish scales, and watching the rainbow aroura and heiroglyphs in the sky. He managed to walk me to the childrens playground and we hoppped on the swings and commenced swinging. At this point I noticed a dad and his young daughter about a couple yards away from us. His daughter ran up to us for some reason, and I remember thinking the child was possesed, and appeared to have 6 eyes. I couldn't say anything but as she ran over to her father as we were leaving I noticed his body was made of purple feathers, moving indipendantly of each other. I felt like I had only been tripping for 20 minutes at this point but it must've been an hour or more, as thoughts drifted through my head so sporadically, I couldnt keep track of what I wanted to do, or what I wanted to focus on. At this point I looked up from the path and noticed a mountain directly ahead of us, a mountain which to me appeared only about a football field away, 2 dimensional and had green glowing weeping eyes studding it. I told my friend and immediatly exclaimed; "We have to climb that mountain dude!!" to which my friend answered: "Dude, that mountain is 2 miles away and surrounded by an electric fence!". At this point my desires to explore were overriding my logic. My friend sat me down next to the road, as he tried to reason with me. However at this point in my head I had become Christopher McCandless from "Into The Wild", and my friends never ending arguement about how his house would be so much more fun than the park increasingly irratated me to the point where I wanted to run into the lake to escape him. Luckily at this same point I totally left what I would  call "earth". I was now connected with what I some defined as "the subconscience of nature". My friends words melted into non existance as the only thing I could hear was my own thoughts. I was viewing the world though a type of "film negative" Grass became purple, and the trees where yellow and red, which previous to tripping had all been green. The trees leaves waved at me, and sent me messages. Some trees danced, some seemed to sing, and others just waved hello. As soon as I snapped out of this my friend was pointing his phone at my face, narrarating to his phone what we were doing and then asked me, "Whats so much cooler about being in a park than in a house with movies and video games?" To which I immediatly replied: "YOU CAN DO THIS" and I dropped to my knees and proceeded to try and bury to the center of the earth. I was convinced I saw a ray of light coming from the ground that told me I could go to the center of the earth.
Some time passed after this that I don't remember too well, only that I accepted my friends desires and let him call his mom to pick us up. I started to feel like I was coming down right as the car pulled up, but as I entered the back seat, I guessed WRONG. His mom turned around to face me and asked how our hike was. I don't remember responding, only staring at the glowing eyes seemingly entangled in her hair and ever circling her head.
As we drove home I still couldn't control my giggles as everything I saw out of the backseat window became a trail of blurred colors.
My friends trip later that night is a whole 'nother story in itself.
Do not, under any circumstances get really smashed the same day as doing shrooms. I decided to drink about of bottle of wine without eating anything the whole day when I thought I was totally done with my trip. Don't remember much accept sitting outside listening to my friend try and explain something while I was totally bawling holding a knife to my throat.
I don't blame the shrooms though, I blame the alcohol.
Happy trips!

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