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Backpacking trip, trip

Backpacking trip, trip

My friend and I have been planning a backpacking trip for a while, but had to postpone going do to weather and plans, but this past weekend we had nothing going on and beautiful weather.  So we pack up and drive to Bell Mountain in southern missouri.  This is my first time here, but my friends been here twice before.  I brought 4 hits of acid (Based on previous lsd I've had I would say around 80-100 mics) but I never really decided whether I wanted to trip or just be sober.  I also brought some weed (of course), and xanax just in case.

After a 2 hour drive we finally get to the trail head.  I finally decide to take one hit and hike and my friend decides to stay sober.  We start hiking and after about an hour or so I start to feel the acid kicking in.  Basically colors were enhanced, perception was altered a little.  I decide that the one hit isn't really doing enough for me, so I decided to take 2 more hits.  At this point my friend takes a hit.  In retrospet I should have waited until the first hit kicked in before I took the other two.  We get to the top of the mountain and decide to set up camp.  The campsite is beautiful, and we have a great view of a valley and other landscape and the trees are all changing colors.  I have never had to set up camp tripping, so this process was much more difficult then if I were sober, but we had plenty of daylight which helped a lot.  Then I decided to make some camp food and smoke a couple bowls.

I smoked two bowls right as I was about to peak/peaking.  The weed enhanced the trip so much.  I finish the two bowls and I couldn't keep a conversation to save my life.  I would say something and wouldn't understand why I said that, then say something else and wouldn't understand that.  My friend was confused with everything, he went exploring close by just examining everything.  He calls to me and tells me he found a great view, at this point I am cross legged on the ground in the same place I smoke my bowl.  I have no idea how much time has passed.  When he calls to me I look up at him.  As I try to get up I remember seeing everything changing, colors getting more intense then changing all together.  I also remember feeling my brain make every little decision almost in slow motion.  I walk over to my friend and we watch the sunset, and there is a blue sky with a huge pink cloud which is beautiful.  Immediately after the sun set I look up at Jupiter in a hazy blue sky which is one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen.

At this point the sun has set.  My friend is starting to get uneasy, and is worried because all of the color has gone away.  He tells me that he doesn't want to be tripping anymore.  He also hears the other campers which starts to weird him out, (but they looked like they were just other college aged kids so he didn't worry about this before) So he says lets go lay down in the tent so he can calm down, I go with him to keep him company.  At this point he says he needs to go walking around.  It is dark and he is tripping so I say no, go take a xanax.  He gets the xanax and takes it without water.  Anyone who has taken xanax before knows that this is disgusting.  This immediately helps him, but then he starts to get sick.  He says he is going to throw up.  I open up the tent door and he is spewing his guts.  I do not get queezy around people puking, but this is different.  I can feel exactly what he is going through, and it is too much for me.  Somehow I keep my composure for my friend because I need to.  He says he feels infinately better after throwing up.

After he feels better I tell him I want to go bring my sleeping bag outside and lookup at the stars.  He tells me that he needs me to be with him.  At first this kind of bugs me because I have to watch my friend during my peak.  But I come to the realization that without him I wouldn't have even had a great trip, without him I wouldn't have gone camping or anything.  I learn what friendship is all about and what I can do to be a better friend.  I am so happy that I was able to learn so much from this trip.  And that lsd can teach me so much.  After a while I tell him I want to go outside and look at the stars.  Pure beauty, I am surprised that I didn't start to cry.  It is a cloudless night with no moon, so every single star is enormous.  Every star looked 5 times bigger than it was, every star had a rainbow coming off of it, I saw humongus comets.  And the milkyway was even visable and beautiful.  Eventually I had to go back to the tent because it was freezing outside and I was not dressed for the cold.  After this I start to come down.  After a couple hours I find some sleep and wake up in the best mood.

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