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shrooms, parents, sleep do NOT mix

1st time...

Well a few days ago me and a friend picked up a quarter of some really nice shrooms (B+ or something, i forgot). Well any ways I was staying at my parents house for columbus day weekend. So me and my friend had  planned to take them on Friday morning, he ate about 3 grams (mostly stems because i paid for most of it) and I hadnt taken mine because I wanted to make mine into a tea. So as we are walking back to his house to make my tea my parents call me and ask me to hepl the with some stuff around the house. Thank god i hadnt taken them lol. Well I finished helping them out around 9. So at that point I was really tired and decided to chill by myself. I called my friend and asked him if he thought it was a good idea to take them by myself he said NO, but I thought "what can happen". Well at this point its around 930 my parents are in their room watching tv and I ate about 4 grams of caps. Within 10 minutes I felt a numbing sesation in my limbs, then about 45 min later things started to wave. At that point it was fun, I went to the bathroom and stared into my face, it would change from green to brown to orange and yelow. At one point i was even seeing tribial tattos on my face. Well till about 1130 i was just walking around having fun, but then.... then I got tired and tried to go to sleep. I started tripping out because I coud not go to sleep (i was used to getting high and going to sleep with ease, remember it was my first time with psychadelics). I started pacing around the house and could not find a comfortable position, I also couldnt talk, i was questioning if languages even existed. At this point i had no concept of time , minutes seemed like hours, so at around 1145 i think i called my friend and told him that i needed to talked to him because i was trippin out. He was trying to help me out but i thought he was going to hang up and kept begging him not to. It was somthing like this...

Friend. Just sit down on a comfy chair turn everything off and breathe deeply, and stop trying to control yourself.
Me. Dude dont hang up, pleease, what should i do
Friend im telling you what to do, sit on a comfy chair and go with it
Me. Ok, but dude dont even hang up
Friend. im not going to hang up, just do what im fucking telling you
Me. ok bro but just dont hang up, im serious
Friend. ok...
Me. At that point i started descrbing him everything that was tripping me out. (death, insanity, crazy shit spinning, tv, bloody stiches....yeah it was crazy)
Friend. ok. look just hang up and calm down.
Me. XXXX please dont hang up man, please dude, your the only thing keeping me sane. (lol)
Friend. ok just calm do-
And I hung up.

I started to time things in my head, like when i hung up I thought I had to time it right, like everything had to be done in a ceratin time or pattern (and no no OCD)
Then around 300 i finally was able to go to sleep.
But for around 3 hours I would have sworn that I was going to be permanently insane ,and was honstly thinking of killing myself, the only thing that kept me from that was thinking that there was no escape from these houghts wether i was dead, alive, asleep, oncious, unconcious....
That trip was the most horrible experience i have ever had, but i do not regret it. It was my fault for underestimating the power of the shrooms and not lstening to experienced friends and sites (shroomery.org.)

I will do them again but when im ready and i will take necessary precautions to not trip out

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