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field munching

confused at the moment.

confused at the moment..........
we ate our mush and ended up in a field. we sat under a tree. we chained smoked in the bitter cold. XBOX is calling my name right now. however, we are going to write you a lil story. it begins with this fellow, his name.......... wej...
thats jew backwords my friend... let it be known that this is my brother, so do not be offended by the nature of this comment. well ladies and gentlemen, lets begin. this fellow, wej, he likes cookies. he likes them alot.... he als likes beetlejuice. beetlejuice looks much like a boy i know in school. his name, dru hill. aka james mcmasters. this is p. worm has no idea what he is talking about, the squirmy bastard. our story actually begins with me. at work. meet the fat guy and we eat. mother fuckers get fucked up. sit in the baseement. stair at poster of wizard ad he shakes his fist at me. that son of a btch. (im twitching) we basically stare at walls and ceilings and carpets and curtains and various coverings of the sort. and that bullshit blows my mind, i mean what the fuck. so im sayin we just chilled and for what various reason of the day we went for a walk. a walk with no purpose. in the cold. im sayin it was fucki cold. the reaso for my terrible typing is my hands are still cold. so i walked. and so did the worm. just kept walking. across the street behind a car and acrosse the sidewalk into grass. the grass led to more grass. and fences. most of the orange for some strange reason, but then again so are my hands (maybee from frostbite) we came across a dilapdated tree and said fuck you, and we chilled across the way at a fresh evergreen i beleive. sat down. wearing nothing but sweatpants and w ifebeater i was really fuckin cold. chainsmoked a pack of ciggaretes, stared at buildings, listened to the highway, was suddenly engulfed by the orange fences wich pissed me off greatly, and made me wanna leave. so we trecked back to our basement, and here we are. listening to sublime. the EST FUCKING BAND EVER, all you ohter pussies fuck off.
worm & P

P.S. eat mush. they good 4 u

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